When Toddlers Hurt Mommy's Feelings

hurt feelings

Photo by mediamom

My day began with screaming.

"Mooommmy! If you don't give me more maple syrup, I'm not going to be your friieeend!"

Four-year-old daughter saying this on the floor in her typical tantrum, possessed demon child voice.

I've been through this before (way too many times), and even the friend threat is nothing new. But it still hurts to hear those words, never mind she doesn't mean them.

I replied:

"That's okay, I'm not your friend, I'm your Mommy. And I still love you." And I waited for her to calm down and realize that her waffle was not getting a second saturation of syrup.


This is what we're told to do, right? We are supposed to be Parents, not Friends to our children. Better that she get used to it now in preparation of more substantial arguments later on.

Has your toddler ever said anything that hurt you -- I hate you! I don't want you to be my Mommy! You're ugly and mean! ?

What's your retort -- do you get hurt, angry, or just shrug it off?

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