Burping -- Obnoxious Toddler Behavior

obnoxious burping

If this was Cafe Suzanne's channel, I'd be talking about how great it is that my daughter burps all the time. When you're a baby, ejecting uncomfortable gas on a regular basis is a very good thing.

But my daughter is 4, well beyond the baby bottle stage, and she and some other friends at school have recently discovered how to manually induce burps.

And now life has become a burpfest. She belches all the time -- at the dinner table, in her brother's face (who joins right in), in my face, in her friends' faces. They have burping contests to see who can create the funniest, loudest, or longest burp.


Ironically, her preschool teacher has been spending the past couple of weeks on the human body. She's learning how her body functions and all the interesting things it can do.

But her recent burping obsession is gross and I want her to stop. She'll usually oblige me, but I know the game continues when mama isn't around. I want her to realize that burping done naturally is acceptable, but otherwise it's rude and un-ladylike, so I've asked MrsManners to tackle this one in her Tuesday column. Stay tuned ...

Does your toddler burp on purpose? Are you as bothered by it as I am?

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