Mom Confessions: My Toddler Wears Crude T-Shirts


It's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

 This Week's Confession:

My daughter has a t-shirt that says "Daddy's Little Squirt" (like the one at left). I love it, I think it's funny. But the other day at the mall, another mom pulled me aside and told me how offensive it was and that I'm defiling my child, especially since she doesn't even know what it means. Well, I told her off, of course. She's my child and I'll dress her however I like. -- anonymous





Is it appropriate for toddlers to wear shirts with borderline obscene sayings or innuendo?

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Would you let your child wear a shirt that says "Playground Pimp" or "Hung Like a 4 Year Old"? Toddlers don't know what these things mean -- are we disrespecting them? Does it bother you when you see other kids wearing them?

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sweet... sweetpeatexas21

i dont know. i think they are funny but i dont know if i would put them on my kids. the ones you listed weren't bad but i have seen one that i kinda see as offensive. its that onesie that says "i'm proof my mom likes to f**k"

yeah that one would be drawing the line

ourba... ourbabykins

i think it's hilarious. why not? my daughter has one that says 'daddys little tax deduction' and another that says 'proof that daddy sucks at pulling out'. they're both too big for her yet but i do plan on putting them on her.

myfro... myfroggyeclipse

\We bought our kids ones that said "Wee Publican" for my 3m old at the time and "Daddy's Little Republican" for my 17m old around election time.. Thank goodness we live in a very Republican area otherwise I might have gotten some commets. My husband actually did on Facebook, some of his Dem friends made comments, all in fun I assume but still..

kara_g. kara_g.

Some are cheeky and funny. This one is tasteless and tacky, especially on a child. Any sexual reference on a childs t-shirt is a low class move by the parents.

Princ... PrincessZ20

Like a PP said, you have to draw the line somewhere, but for the most part, I think they're harmless! 

DS has had a number of amusing ones that DH's best friend bought - "Mini Pooper" (with the MINI logo), "Don't you wish your Mommy was hot like mine", "Surrender now or I'll poop on your lap"...there were two that I didn't take him out in public in, but only because they had obscenities on them ("Get me my bottle bitch" and "My daddy can kick your daddy's ass"), but I had no problem with him wearing them around the house!

Lanasmom Lanasmom

Sorry but i do find these offensive and would never put them on my child. --I hate to see kids wearing them, even if they dont know what they mean.

jenni... jenniamigo

i remember seeing your post....that lady was out of line.i do draw the line at swear words because but only because kids as young as 6 can read and i wouldnt want to inconvenience some other parent whos child read it out loud. But i do think that for the most part like the one above is fine because it would only be teens and adults who understand the meaning. 

My mil bought my son a bib that says "who's tit do i gotta suck to get a drink around here?"  after i decided on breastfeeding. i thought it was funny but thatone only gets used at home and around people with a sense of humor

Lucky... LuckyPlusOne

There's a line between funny and inappropriate.  We were given a tee that says "Lock up you Daughters" and DS wears it out to the playground or where where he doesn't need nice clothes.  He was given it because everyone commented about him being a future lady killer and he started talking and now says "beebee (baby) and tries to kiss everyone at the playground.  So it fits his personality right now.

I won't put anything with sexual references or curse words on him.  He's a toddler now, there's plenty of time for bad graphic tees when he's in college!

ggad ggad

Yup....I agree. Some are funny, some are tasteless and low class. I do put some on my child.

Tessa... TessaBianca

I love my kids and I respect them. That's right. I respect my children. It's not cute at all to dress children in crude clothes. When I see this, it breaks my heart because it shows a parents complete disregard of their childs inherent worth and dignity as a person. If they were old enough to understand would they be embarassed? Who knows? All the more reason to avoid offensive t-shirts. More and more people are treating their kids like pets instead of the precious, brand new humans they are. It's really, really sad :(

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