Mom Confessions: My Toddler Wears Crude T-Shirts


It's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

 This Week's Confession:

My daughter has a t-shirt that says "Daddy's Little Squirt" (like the one at left). I love it, I think it's funny. But the other day at the mall, another mom pulled me aside and told me how offensive it was and that I'm defiling my child, especially since she doesn't even know what it means. Well, I told her off, of course. She's my child and I'll dress her however I like. -- anonymous





Is it appropriate for toddlers to wear shirts with borderline obscene sayings or innuendo?

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Would you let your child wear a shirt that says "Playground Pimp" or "Hung Like a 4 Year Old"? Toddlers don't know what these things mean -- are we disrespecting them? Does it bother you when you see other kids wearing them?

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nonmember avatar Becky

I love quirky shirts like this, but I don't purchase them because they are too expensive.

If my daughter had any, I would probably let her wear them at home only, NEVER in public.

nonmember avatar nonnie22

I'm so not with it that I didn't even know these types of shirts existed! But just from what I've seen, I'd never put one on my child. I think we take for granted that kids don't understand what things like this mean ... and it's a sad fact that they DO understand, sooner than we think. And even if they don't understand, other people do!

I feel the same about dressing little girls, three or four years old, in halters or short-shorts. People sexualize their daughters at those ages and then wonder why they become sexually active when they're 12. It just makes no sense to me. Course, I'm pretty old!

Karen... Karens_mommy

I like "All Mommy wanted was a back rub" and Daddy drinks because I cry". Never put them on my kid though

nonmember avatar katie mcdanel

I think any shirt with crass sayings and vulgar language is unacceptable. These are little children we are molding who are completely innocent. It makes me mad that parents encourage their children in behaviors that are adult like. Afterall...that 7 year old boy yelling bit** and f u on the playground didnt teach himself that and i truly think if u are ok putting vulgar clothes on your child, its hard to believe youd discipline them when they get to the age to say those things.To me, it is very classless to adorn innocent children in such seedy attire. Afterall, they are only little once, why would u want expose them to the vulgarity in our culture, for there will be plenty of time when he/she gets older to witness that. Come on people shelter their innocence!

colin... colins_mom

My son had "I tore my mommy a new one" and if you think I'm handsome you should see my uncle" thanks to my brother. He also had a family guy one that had stewie on it that read "I have a present for you. I'll give you a hint its in my diaper and its not a toaster"

As for the others I'm touch and go. I think they are funny but I wouldn't put them on him.

mrsbr... mrsbruns18

I hate them. It's like letting your child say those things Would you let your 3 year old say "who's tit do I have to suck around here?" they are innocent children. They aren't your own personal dolls. Do what you want in your home, but don't get mad when people get offended at the vulgarity your child is speaking via a t-shirt. The problem with today's society is that there is no consideration for other people. Parents just expect people to "deal" with their child instead of teaching their children manners.

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