Mom Confessions: My Toddler Wears Crude T-Shirts


It's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

 This Week's Confession:

My daughter has a t-shirt that says "Daddy's Little Squirt" (like the one at left). I love it, I think it's funny. But the other day at the mall, another mom pulled me aside and told me how offensive it was and that I'm defiling my child, especially since she doesn't even know what it means. Well, I told her off, of course. She's my child and I'll dress her however I like. -- anonymous





Is it appropriate for toddlers to wear shirts with borderline obscene sayings or innuendo?

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Would you let your child wear a shirt that says "Playground Pimp" or "Hung Like a 4 Year Old"? Toddlers don't know what these things mean -- are we disrespecting them? Does it bother you when you see other kids wearing them?

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MrsNocke MrsNocke

honestly i think it really depends... I mean I dont think its offensive to people... it is your child... but i also dont think its the classy thing to do...if someone dresses there kid in a clown costume thats there business the kid cant dress themselves yet.

gr8tmami gr8tmami

Some are cute some are taboo. "all mommy wanted was a back rub" is as sexually explicit as I personally could handle. I BUSTED out laughing when I saw the post about the one that said "they shake me"...I wouldn't put it on my child I don't think, but it is pretty funny.

mom2-... mom2-2crazyboys

I personally don't understand how we can wear shirts that say things that we aren't allowed to say to someone. There are tshirts out there that say things that are so sexually degrading to women (and I am sure visa versa), that sexual harrassment charges could be brought against someone that actual verbalized them! My youngest sister works at a grocery store and I have been embarrassed by some of the things that she has seen on TSHIRTS!! Are we that hard up for a laugh!? That we will start pulling out sex jokes for the infants?? These are funny for adults, but unfortunately adults are the only ones that can read!

madam... madamekatekate

I don't understand the draw of turning your baby into a sex joke. Maybe they're funny things to say to your husband with whom you had the baby but to slap in on the front of your child is just tacky.

You dress your child the way you want but don't be surprised when they start talking and telling strangers they could have been a blowjob or my mommy likes to fuck. But you're probably fine with that too.

momma... mommashaybay

i agree with the poster above me. my ds had one that my FIL got him that said "i like the boobie" (for bf) and we only ever let him wear it at home. you should dress you kids in a the manner you want them to grow up, and if that includes t-shirts with crude sex jokes than i feel bad for your kid.

lucho... luchousdiva

I think it really just matters what it says.  There is a fine lime betweem just being funny and being to grown.

Agent... AgentBrez

personally i hate these kinds of saying on kids clothing, or any clothing for that matter. but i would never pull a mother aside and tell her not to dress her kid a certain way.

ellie... ellies3boys

the shirt is funny but no i wouldn't put it on my child!

boizmom boizmom

My FIL had bought my youngest a onsie that said "Hung Like A 5 Year-old"  We thought it was hilarious.  He outgrew it quickly and hardly wore it, but we kept it.  He  also got him another one that said "Mini Pooper" (it looked like the symbol for Mini Cooper). 

I think shirts like that all depend on you as the parent.  We are not "strict" or "tight wads", we do have a sense of humor.  I'd probably think twice about allowing my boys to wear shirts like that now (they are 4yo and 2yo), but as an infant it was quite funny.

Nera1214 Nera1214

I wouldnt put any type of shirts like that on my child. I find them to be funny, but inappropriate for her to wear. JMO =]

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