Mom Confessions: My Toddler Wears Crude T-Shirts


It's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

 This Week's Confession:

My daughter has a t-shirt that says "Daddy's Little Squirt" (like the one at left). I love it, I think it's funny. But the other day at the mall, another mom pulled me aside and told me how offensive it was and that I'm defiling my child, especially since she doesn't even know what it means. Well, I told her off, of course. She's my child and I'll dress her however I like. -- anonymous





Is it appropriate for toddlers to wear shirts with borderline obscene sayings or innuendo?

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Would you let your child wear a shirt that says "Playground Pimp" or "Hung Like a 4 Year Old"? Toddlers don't know what these things mean -- are we disrespecting them? Does it bother you when you see other kids wearing them?

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conno... connorsmom22607

im all for some of them like "poop happends"...or "those boobies are mine back off"

auror... aurorabunny

I think they're hilarious.  I <3 T-Shirt Hell.  Now actually putting one on my kid is a different story, I just don't think it's for me.  But the people acting like it's borderline child abuse need to pull the sticks out.

ShannieP ShannieP

Doesnt bother my at all. My daughter used to have one that said " I can kick your babys ass"!

momav... momavanessa

I think the shirts they sell at SPENCSERS are way over board and not funny at all! A lot of the baby onsies there have cuss words and nasty remarks. The one that I think is ok is the one that says"my daddy has more tattoos than your daddy" Ehich my dh has a Ton one one arm.

babyb... babyboomboom

Sorry but i do find these offensive and would never put them on my child. --I hate to see kids wearing them, even if they dont know what they mean.

Lanasmom Apr. 17, 2009 at 9:15 AM

^^ I agree w/ this poster.  My son has stuff like "mommy's little monster" and "bananas 4 u"  but I won't put anything like the above t-shirts on him.  It's not appropriate.  If I don't want him to say it and learn what it means then I won't put him in it.

Exeno... ExenoRainbow

My son's best onsies said "Don't you wish your mommy was hot like mine?" I had him in it all the time. I bought it at the mall for $20 I also buy Baby HT clothes from Hot Topic (The punk/goth store) cuz thats how his daddy and I dress. How can it offend someone who can't understand it. Thats like calling someone an idiot who doesn't understand english. It happens all the time. Course the people who speak other languages say the same about us lol.. but that's off topic. Point is. I dress my son this way, and prolly will dress my new baby this way too. I think it's cute. :) (long as it doesn't cross the line like the one sweetpeatexas21 saw. )

Erin1108 Erin1108

I think some of them are funny, and agree that the sexual ones take it way too far. I saw one on an infant that said "Daddy says I could have been a blow job" on it. I think that's really sad and inappropriate. The ones that say tax deduction on them, or lady's man, or don't you wish your mommy was hot like mine, are all cute. I bought my nephew one that says "The cowboy you're mamma warned you about". I think it's really funny.

jms124 jms124

I LOVE them!  Between my sisters and I, I think we have just about every one out there!  We had been looking for one that said "Screw milk and cookies...give me titties and beer". 

I'm sorry some of you are too freaking prude to find the humor in these shirts.  Get over it, if I want to dress my kids like this I will.  You have no right to tell me that I don't respect my kids because my husband and I have a sense of humor.  I mean, my husband has a shirt I got him that says "Gaming is as addictive as sex...except there's no orgasm to tell you when to stop"...and yes, he wears it in public and has gotten tons of people telling him how funny it is.

My daughter had a onsie that said "Does this diaper make my butt look big?"  and another one that said "Daddy did my hair today."  Some of the other one's my sisters and I have for the kids "Hung like a five year old"  "Playground Pimp"  "All Mommy wanted was a back rub" just to name a few.

proud... proudmama1207

I think the ones with sexual content are a little overboard. I bought my son one that said "Hand over the bottle and no one gets hurt." I have never put him in anything remotely referring to sex. I never will. If he gets to be a teenager and wants to buy some sexually charged t-shirt, then I ain't gonna stop him. But then and ONLY then will I allow him to wear those things. His father and I don't wear those kinds of things so why would I dress him like that now?

Tes..... Tes...Jacksmami

I just think its crude. Anything sexual on a childs clothes is just wrong.

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