Mom Confessions: My Toddler Wears Crude T-Shirts


It's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

 This Week's Confession:

My daughter has a t-shirt that says "Daddy's Little Squirt" (like the one at left). I love it, I think it's funny. But the other day at the mall, another mom pulled me aside and told me how offensive it was and that I'm defiling my child, especially since she doesn't even know what it means. Well, I told her off, of course. She's my child and I'll dress her however I like. -- anonymous





Is it appropriate for toddlers to wear shirts with borderline obscene sayings or innuendo?

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Would you let your child wear a shirt that says "Playground Pimp" or "Hung Like a 4 Year Old"? Toddlers don't know what these things mean -- are we disrespecting them? Does it bother you when you see other kids wearing them?

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shaw6033 shaw6033

I think this is funny as hell. I would love to be having a bad day and walk by a kid wearing this shirt. It would make my day. Yes some shirts can take it too far but i dont see anyone  saying anything about moms who dress their little girls like tiny hookers. Or the tiny two pieced bathing suits and short skirt walking through the mall. I think that these things r so sad. But a good t shirt, funny as hell

sunsh... sunshine06

I draw the line at ones with curse words and sexual meanings.  They are trashy and make the parents look trashy.  I think some are funny.  Like the tax deduction ones.  I have 5 kids and I get asked questions about taxes a lot so it fits.  But still they wear them at home or around people we know.  I like for them to look nice in public.

Elija... ElijahsMommy58

Honestly, I'd never put my son in anything like that.

Butte... Butterflysky_24

i think this is horribly offensive and inappropriate. children are innocent and they should not be wearing tshirts that are not age approriate whether the parent thinks its funny or not. these shirts would never be allowed in an elementary school so why should toddlers be allowed to wear them?

Zoesm... Zoesmommy430

I think they are funny. lol. I love all the ones from spencers and I cant wait to get preggo again so I can wear the "crude" and "offensive" maternity shirts from there.

kayly... kaylynsmom714

some of them are really cute my 20 mo old gas one that say " if u think im hot you should see my mom" and my newborn has one that says " i'm living proof that men are the weaker sex."

Janua... JanuaryRayne

They may be cute but if anyone allows a child to wear such stuff, than the parents have some serious issues. 

Colts... ColtsFan1912

honestlyl I HATE shirts like that. They are innocent kids for Gods sake. Let 'em stay that way

Super... SuperNonna

I'm with the PP, I HATE HATE HATE these types of shirts. The tax deduction one is funny, but not something so sexual, or with cuss words on it. I hate when older people where them. I mean if you can't say that outloud with out being charged with sexual harrasment then why can you parade it around on your chest?

Mommy... Mommyxtwo777

There are some freaking hilarious ones. I saw onsies that said my daddy is like bush, he doesn't know when to pull out. and one that said "they shake me" While they are so funny i can look at them online and laugh, I would never ever ever put my kids in one. I think it is tacky. However, like i said they are really funny and when you consider the amount of alternative parents these days, it does not shock me that they are such a popular item. I bought one that said "i have issues (already) only to be used in the memoir blanket I am making for P.

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