Magnetix Toy Danger

mangetix recall

A recently made, safe set.

If you're like me, you gladly accept all kinds of hand-me-downs: clothing, high chairs, kid plates, and even toys. If a Magnetix building block set is among your current stash, you might want to double-check the manufacture date.

Magnetix have plastic pieces containing magnets that stick together, allowing you to build all kinds of geometrically shaped structures. They seem to be a fixture in most preschools, my daughter's included.

I just read today that the maker of the toy, Mega Brands America Inc., recently paid a $1.1 million civil penalty for failing to report promptly that defective pieces caused the death of a child a few years ago.


The little magnets fell out of the pieces, and the toddler gulped them down. When the magnets made their way to the boy's stomach, they stuck together through the intestinal walls, causing a fatal blockage.

The company initially blamed "rough play" on the dislodged magnets, and failed to report over 1,000 other incidents of defective pieces.

Refer back to the Magnetix recall from a few years back. The recall includes all sets, except newer Magnetix sets sold since March 31, 2006, that are age-labeled 6+ and sets that contain the following caution label:

"CAUTION: Do not ingest or inhale magnets.
Attraction of magnets in the body may cause
serious injury and require immediate medical care."

How vigilant are you when your child is playing with small toys? When your toddler has an older brother or sister, it's kind of hard to banish every single little piece from the house. Does your toddler swallow lots of little objects?

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