How Important Is Organic Kids' Clothing?

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You can teach your tot about recycling, composting, and other earth-friendly activities, but how far do you go to create a totally green kid? Is it important to you that your child wear only organic, sustainable clothing?

I ask because I was intrigued by some new kids' sneakers by Morgan & Milo on Lil Sugar. They are super cute and I was tempted to pull out the credit card -- until I saw the price tag. $48 smackaroos.

I know a lot of eco-conscious moms who can't -- or won't -- spend that much on toddler shoes that will just be outgrown in a few months time.


I spent a little time surfing the shop-osphere, and stumbled upon a lot of great sites for sustainable toddler clothes -- Happy Green Bee was one I especially loved, because of the cute styles in stretchy, comfortable fabrics. But, alas, that's a place for the likes of Jennifer Garner and Katie Holmes, but not me.

What is your position on organic kids' clothing? How high does it rank on your green priority list? And if you know of any cheap organic toddler clothing stores, please pass it on ...


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