What's In Your Easter Basket?

Easter basket goodies

The Eggulator Calculator; $16

Happy Easter everyone!

I try not to go overboard handing out toys and treats this holiday -- I like to keep it focused on the real meaning of the day -- but I loved all the little trinkets "The Easter Bunny" left this morning and had to share.

This year, Bunny and I did all our shopping at a local agriculture center gift shop.

In my 4 year old daughter's white basket, the Bunny left a mini wooden ladybug compass so we won't lose our way on hikes, a cute bunny with magnetic feet, and a smattering of organic jelly beans (I managed to find some without high fructose corn syrup, yay!).


My son, who absolutely loves math, received that adorable Eggulator Calculator in the picture above.

Both kids also got a T-shirt with a picture of a pig -- proceeds from the shirt and the toys benefit the center's mission of sustainable, local farming.

It's amazing what you can find when you go hunting outside the mall. Speaking of hunting, gotta go find the rest of those eggs ...


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