Videocameras at Day Care Centers

streaming video at day care

Photo by curveymama

There's a day care center where working moms can watch their toddlers toil their day away playing, eating, and sleeping over live video feeds. Parents go to a website and type in a password to see the streaming video online. The center has 21 cameras throughout the center.

Some of the moms of children in the center give the passwords to grandparents live out of town, as a way to keep them connected to their grandchildren.

I would have loved this option as a brand new mom nervously handing off my new baby son to complete strangers for the very first time. I couldn't concentrate on work at all. It took a while before I was completely comfortable with the idea of other people caring for my baby and worrying about his safety.


Now that I'm an old pro at the day care thing, and my second child is older and in preschool, I wouldn't want the distraction of watching her play all day.

First off, I'd just want to jump into the video and  play with her, feeling even more guilty that I wasn't there with her. And second, I love to ask her about her day and be genuinely surprised and delighted when she recounts how she built a castle out of blocks with her friend Emma, heard music by Mr. Kurt, and played superheroes during outside time.



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