Funny Guide to Toddler Behavior

toddler behavior

Photo by Veela

momof3inTN wrote a 20-item list in Journals on everything that a mom of a baby headed into toddlerhood should know. For me, #11 and #14 are right on!

Here's part of the list:

1. Counters are heaven and the drawers are the stairway to heaven. This goes double if there is a cookie jar in plain sight on said counter.

2. Electronic devices that are small and easily carried (cell phone, iPod, MP3 player, etc) will be deposited in the toilet if not carefully locked up and guarded.

3. Your checkbook is now a coloring book.


4. The locksmith will become your new best friend and the person who works the Lowe's key-making machine will know you by your first name.

5. A simple one mile trip to the grocery store will result in pulling the car over at least three times to put the child back in the car seat (no matter how tight the straps are, a toddler is a contortionist and Houdini all rolled into one tiny little body).

See the rest of her list in The Guide to Toddlers in Journals.

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