Playdate Needed for Suri Cruise--Interested?

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At least that's what the tabloids are saying: "Suri Cruise Desperate for Friends,"  "Inside Suri's Lonely Life." So it must be true, right? A source told the New York Post, "Whenever she sees kids, she gets excited and runs up to them and hugs them as if she never gets to see kids her own age. There's not a lot of socialization there."

You have to admit, how many photos have we seen of the cute 2-year-old playing with other toddlers?


I asked Julie Bonner of, a blog and website devoted exclusively to Tom and Katie, if she thinks Suri is truly lonely for kidship.

"I have only heard of a few play dates that Suri has had and those were with the Beckham boys several months ago. But I know that not every play date of hers makes it to the news. John Lithgow did recently say that there is a mini-nursery at the theater where Katie is rehearsing for "All My Sons." He mentioned that Suri plays with another one of the actor's children there. But I think that, in general, celebrity kids do feel lonely and isolated. How could they not with the life they have to lead? When Katie wants to take Suri to the park for the afternoon, it's a big ordeal. It involves a body guard and then of course, all of the paparazzi. I believe Tom and Katie have to protect Suri, and in doing so, she may not get to play with a lot of kids her own age."

That makes me sad. After all, this is the age for social skill development. Helping little Suri get along with her peers and manage her emotions will be crucial now and later in her life, not just in relationships but in school and career. What are your thoughts?


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