Meet Up with Moms in Your Neighborhood

We all try to be super-mom, but some days it's just not in the cards. Rather than pretend we can do it all, like June Cleaver, it's nice to know there is a place that accepts and embraces us just as we are.

Mothers of Preschoolers International (MOPS) is an organization that brings moms of babies, toddlers and preschoolers together in an authentic community of friendship, mothering support, personal growth, and spiritual hope. They aim to help you be the best mom possible (not perfect, and that's okay), because better moms make a better world.


Where is this place? Most likely there's one in your town. MOPS also has a group on CafeMom where you can meet other MOPS moms and learn more about the MOPS community.

Check it out today and find a MOPS group in your area!

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