Birth Order: Firstborns Get More of Your Time

birth order and firstborns


Parents spend about 30 minutes more daily quality time with their firstborn children than younger children in the same age bracket, according to new research from Brigham Young University.

Other studies have focused more on how birth order effects the way kids turn out. They've found that firstborns tend to have higher IQs, do better in school and on the job, and are more conscientious, while later-born kids are more likely to be rebellious, liberal and agreeable.

Only lately have I really found this to be true with my own kids. Although my goal is to treat both of my children the same, including the amount of attention I dole out, this is not the case. My son, the firstborn, is sensitive and less confident, and needs more time and reassurance, while my 4 year old daughter is fairly independent and less demanding.




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Do find this to be true of your own parents growing up? Why or why not?

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