Funniest "I Can't Go to Bed Yet" Excuses

Photo by akme10607

This really made me chuckle! Members of the Stay at Home Moms group were sharing their kids' cutest excuses for delaying a mother's most anticipated time of day. If you're up to your neck in PJ's and toothbrushes right now and can't read the full list of responses, here are the highlights:


I can't go to bed yet because ...

"I need to dance." clovismommy25

"I bonked my head and need medicine." little_mama2

"It's morning time." TarynLgh

"I need more hugs and kisses, and one more drink of water." lauras1

"I haven't taken a bath yet." n_ramirez

"I have to wash clothes." amandac24

And since we're on the subject, here's mommyto3in08's daughter's excuse for not wanting to wash her hands ...

"Because my hands don't want to."

I'm sure you've heard a few good ones lately, too. Share them with us!

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