Product Review: Smurf-Berry Crunch Cereal


Smurf-Berry Crunch cereal
New! Smurf-Berry Crunch cereal from Post
I periodically put new toddler products through rigorous, real-mom testing -- which means I use them and tell you what I think.
This week's product: Smurf-Berry Crunch Cereal; $1.59 a box; available at your local grocery store.
What it is: A rad new cereal from Post. Think little red and blue nuggets of fruity goodness in a bowl. Wicked tasty.
And obviously healthy for your toddlers, too, because of all those fruit-flavored corn puffs. I can't tell if those red ones are supposed to be cherry or strawberry flavored, but it's some kind of berry, anyway. The blue ones must be blueberries (because what other kind of blue fruit is there?).

My review: Feeding fussy toddlers doesn't get any better than this. This cereal is, like, totally awesome. To the max. I mean, I don't have to beg my kids to eat breakfast anymore. They just grab their bowl of magical berries, prop up the TV trays, and chow down while spazzing out to their favorite Saturday morning lineup: The Flintsones, followed by (what else?!)The Smurfs, and finishing it off with the Kid Super Power Hour with Shazam.

The particular box of Smurf-Berry Crunch I picked up offers the surprise of a Smurf toy inside -- a True Blue Smurf Award! My toddlers are trying to collect all six Smurf Award badges: 1) Most Friendly, 2) Most Helpful, 3) Most Mischievous, 4) Most Daring with Gargamel, 5) Most Loveable, and 6) Most Funny.

Yum-orama. I'm polishing off the last of the box as I type this. Gotta go to the store and stock up -- not that I'm worried the shelves will ever run out. This stuff is classic, the next Cheerios. I'll bet Smurf-Berry Crunch will still be little kids' breakfast of choice 10, 15, heck, even 25 years from now.


So, like, have you figured out CafeMom's 80s flashback joke yet? If not, you're just, like, totally bogus. April Fool's!



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PinkS... PinkSodaPop

That's so bogus, freaking me out in like so totally hard economic times with a cereal price under $2 bucks.... OMG --- like gag me with a 'cereal' spoon, it's like so's like so totallyyyyy...bogusssss....

Toddl... ToddlerBrain82

OMG thank you for the laugh. Yay for April Fools - LOL!!


okay so stealer cool lol man i remember those days sosuper cool

newma... newmama012006

Awww man!  I was really sitting here thinking, "OMG, they put it back on the shelves?!  Where are my car keys?!" 

You got me!

Cafe... Cafe Kierna

Gargamel. They just don't make villains like they used to!

lizzeh lizzeh

I know I was hoping that it was true! I was in Toys R Us the other day and they've brought the smurfs back.

mcoche08 mcoche08

Where can it be picked up at. I think i would love to get a box for my son to try.can you email me and let me know???that would be great. thanks.

hotpo... hotpotatokids

When I was 8-9 years old I asked my grandmother to get this cereal for me on my birthday.  And yes, for several years in a row I received a box of Smurfberry cereal.  YUMMY!!  Too bad they don't make it anymore!! 

brand... brandalyn

I AM SOSO MAD! smurf berry crunch was my favorite as a kid. the smurfs  are still my fav! i own the new cd's, and yes have even contacted post about returning the product to us! SO, a yr ago i quit working at a grocery store that i had been at for 9 years, to do home daycare. let me tell ya... i just made a complete FOOL of myself!!! before even reading the comments... i was on the phone with a manager friend. darn it , dang it... ive been had!

grrr. just wait it will return.... if i had amillion dollars, id bet it!

brand... brandalyn

target also has smurfs...

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