Day Care for Kids with Allergies

day care for kids with food allergiesA mom in Bath, Maine, whose 3 year old son is severely allergic to nuts, dairy and eggs, started her own day care for kids with food allergies.

All children ages 3-7 can attend, even non-allergic ones, but a number of foods are restricted, and kids can't even eat those forbidden foods before they come to the class.

"Regular kids who don't have allergies become aware of them. It becomes a learning experience -- they will all learn how to deal with it together," says the mom founder, Linda Strickland, according to a WCSH6 news report.


"There are a lot of kids with food allergies and it just becomes part of the daily routine so it's not a strange thing. My son is no longer the weird kids that has allergies, it's just part of the regular routine."

The Little Wonders Pre-School Co-Op only meets for a few hours once a week during the regular school year. I wonder if this will pave the way for other day care centers to offer full-time programs for children with allergies. But what happens when the tykes go out into the real world, where everyone else does eat eggs, nuts and dairy? Does such a school provide a false sense of security?

Do you think sequestering allergic kids is a good idea, or are they better off learning to deal with their restrictions in a regular preschool/day care setting?

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