Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are

Nearly 45 years later, the classic comes to Hollywood.

The big screen version of Maurice Sendak's classic, "Where the Wild Things Are," doesn't hit theaters until October, but you know it's going to be big if moms are already talking about it.

I'm definitely going to see it (though it might be a little too scary to take my toddler and 5 year old just yet).

My mother read the book to me when I was little, and now I read it to my son and daughter, and I can only guess that one day they'll be reading it to their kids. Some books transcend time. But even considering the part about the mom sending Max to bed without supper (what mom still does that?!), my children still "get" it.

Here's what attorneymama wrote about Where the Wild Things Are in Journals. I couldn't have said it any better:


"This was one of my favorite books from childhood. Scary and fascinating, all at once.  Dream making. All a kid has to do is slip into a wolf costume and suddenly his entire world -- okay, his bedroom, is a forest filled with exotic creatures!

"The illustrations provided an outlet for your imagination ... just what would a "wild thing" look like? Would he be mean? Would he have big teeth? Is he scaly or hairy? Big? Huge? I always found the wild things oddly nice looking, even though they seemed like they wanted to be mean."

Click here for the Where the Wild Things Are trailer.

What favorite children's book transcends time in your opinion? What kiddie fiction of today will still appear as bedtime stories in 2079?

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