White Cloud Diapers Discontinued


White Cloud diapers, a favorite brand of many CafeMoms for the price, design and function, are being discontinued.

"Man! Thats the ONLY kind of diapers that works for my kids!!" says amanda803, one of several moms venting in the Stay at Home Moms group. "Maybe I'll convert to cloth."

I put in a call to Walmart, where the diapers are sold exclusively, to get the scoop, but they didn't get back to me before the craziness of the weekend took over. But Steph1499 got through to the White Cloud people. Here's what a consumer service person emailed to her:

"Unfortunately, the White Cloud diaper line has been discontinued; however the Parent's Choice brand will still be available.

The White Cloud diapers were a brand that was exclusive to the Walmart retailers; therefore they are not available at any other retailer. If you're looking for something comparable to the White Cloud diaper, we manufacture the Member's Mark diapers for Sam's Club."

I also talked to CafeMom's super saver, ReesesPieces, also a White Cloud fan, who's been working the phones, too.

"The White Cloud company explained that Member's Mark diapers from Sam's are as comparable to White Cloud as you can get," ReesesPieces says. "They manufactuer both those and the Parent's Choice diapers for Walmart, but she agreed that Parent's Choice diapers are of a lesser quality."

Out of despiration, ReesesPieces bought a box of Huggies (with a coupon) but noticed they reduced their 80-count box of diaper (size 5) a couple months ago to 70-count for the same price!

"I called Huggies about this," ReesesPieces says, "and they said that they now cost more for them to make. She did offer to send me some coupons; however, the price for the lower quantity is certainly beginning to outweigh the quality. I have yet to get down to Target (a 30-minute drive) to see if perhaps they have changed their price or quantity. If they have not, then I will most likely stick with them."

The good news is that you can still find White Cloud diapers on the shelves at some stores, according to moms, and many are on clearance, so it might be time to stock up.

Has anyone tried Member's Mark diapers? Are they really comparable to White Cloud?

What brand will you be subsitituting for White Cloud?

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nonmember avatar Ashley

Here is the problem for me. I have a 7 year old who is special needs, so he isn't potty trained yet. We used the WC brand pull-ups for him because they fit and they were with in our budget. This time we had to get Pull-up brand and they do not fit and have no where close to the same quantity. We can't use the smallest size adult diapers, beause they are to big, and he closest Sam's Club is about 40 miles away, so going there isn't really an option either (same with Target). So now, we get to go trough the "fun" of finding pull-ups that fit.

Total... Totallysmitten

We use Parent's Choice, and have no trouble. I used cloth with my baby until she became allergic for some reason, and switched to Parent's Choice. We rarely leave a diaper on long enough to leak anyway, I mean it takes hours and hours for them to get that wet.

nonmember avatar Darlene

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Lakeisha Palmer-Yawn

White Cloud diapers are bak at least in Reynoldsburg, Ohio's Walmart. I am so excited!

nonmember avatar Matt

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Julie Cocozza

We are needing diapers (other than cloth) that are fragrance free as well as latex free. Man that sucks that the are stopping production of these wonderful diapers.

JeanandBrad Luenebrink

they still sell them at my walmart in vincennes, indiana and it's now 4 years from the original post so i guess things went well for them.

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