Bringing a Toddler to YOUR Doctor's Appointment

taking toddlers to mom's doctor appointments"Excuse me, doc, but before you plunge that needle 50,000 feet into my gum, let me just rinse off my screaming kid's paci ..."

Yow. It's a horrible thought. But it happens. A husband (who's laid off, BTW) told his wife, a member of the Stay at Home Moms group, that she should take the kids with her to her doctor's appointment because it's not his job to watch them. Now that's another topic for discussion and possibly divorce court, but ...

Have you ever lugged the kids along to one of your own doctor's appointments? Either you were a stay-at-home mom or couldn't find anyone to watch the kids that day? How did it go?

I could see doing it for a quick sick visit or even for drawing blood -- but the OB? How would you even begin to explain the stirrups and all that?!

Other moms who got stuck for one reason or another:


I have taken my kids to every single appointment I've had, except when I went to have my second son. He sat on my stomach at all my pap tests and was holding my hand during all ultrasounds. Not my proudest of moments, let me tell you. -- xilovemyboysx

I had an eye exam with both of my kids there. Double stroller, they were buckled in and they had a snack right when the doctor came in. I also had to take my oldest with me to a neurosurgeon appointment. That was interesting. -- Brenna

While I have taken Autym to certain appointments, such as my OBGYN  when they were only checking the baby's heartbeat or the dentist for a cleaning, I have never attempted to take her to an appointment where a procedure was being performed (like a filling or a root canal). To my understanding, my dentist will not perform procedures with a child in the room since it's distracting to him and distressing to the child. -- AutymsMommy

I've had to take the kids with me to the OBGYN, and for my last dentist appointment, I ended up making my mother-in-law go with me to watch my little guy because my SO wouldn't watch him. It sucks but sometimes if we want to go we just have to deal with it. Maybe you'll get lucky and have some great office girls there who will help with the kids? -- muensters_ma

Share your horror stories here. Do you take your kids to your doctor's appointments?

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