Links I Love: Should Jon and Kate Come Back for Season 5?


Jon and Kate: Is a Season 5 in the Cards? -- Lil Sugar

"Do I really have to eat with you?" Internet queen Heather Armstrong speaks out on family dinners. -- Momversation

And because we just adore Heather, check out CafeMom's interview with the Dooce blogger following release of her new book on post-partum depression. -- Healthy Living Buzz

Is Angelina a Sexier Mom Than Julia Roberts Because She's Younger?  -- ParentDish

Broccoli is in season! Here's one recipe to guarantee your kid will eat it. -- Food & Party Buzz


With mothers dying young in the headlines this week, mom blogger Alice Bradley thinks she might be next. -- Finslippy

Wish you were pregnant again? Or maybe your toddlers are enough. Live vicariously through a preggo CafeMom. -- Pregnancy Buzz

See a picture of a vampire skull and a priest being lifted away by a 1,000 helium balloons, never to be seen again. (Nothin' to do with toddlers, but really cool photos!) -- Mighty Girl

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