Spanking Illegal? Another Country Considers a Ban

Phillipines considers spanking banThe Phillipines is inching closer to a ban on all forms of corporeal punishment against kids -- including spanking, according to a recent article on Babble.

Supporters of the bill cite evidence that spanking or other forms of corporeal punishment do not improve a child's behavior over time, and in fact increases his chances of distrusting authority and acting out. In the US, it's legal to spank, paddle and whip children in all 50 states.


This is a controversial subject. Many CafeMoms are vehemently opposed to spanking, while a lot of others support it as a valid and effective form of discipline.

Because such a law, if it ever came to the US, might directly affect CafeMoms like those in the Moms who spank group, I asked group owner SalemWitchChild to weigh in with her opinion.

She feels it's wrong for the Philippines to lump spanking and child abuse together. Spanking moms absolutely do not condone things like whipping or burning. Her group defines spanking as:

  • Light spankings on the bum only.
  • No more swats than the child is old.
  • Only as a last resort -- never as the sole form or first line of punishment.
  • It should be done with love (never anger) but with firm authority.
  • Before the spanking, the parent should always explain what the child has done wrong, what should have been done or not done, and why they must have a spanking.

"Real children are not like those on a TV show, where Dad comes in at night and talks to their child, and then the child miraculously sees why their actions are wrong and they will never do it again," SalemWitchChild says. "Spanking mothers realize that without obedience, a child will run wild. Spankings are just one way to demand that obedience. We have all tried time-outs, taking away privileges, etc. To some children, these things quickly make no difference."

A blogger on Babble, Hannah Tennant-Moore, who is obviously opposed to spanking, said it's no wonder that many teens believe it was right for Chris Brown to express anger at Rihanna by beating her up.

SalemWitchChild disagrees there is any connection between spanking and the making of criminals or women who stay with abusive husbands. She's unaware of any study to prove it, and if there is, she doubts that it differentiates between abuse and responsible parental spanking.

Do you think there's a connection?

And remember, ladies, let's keep the discussion respectful. No bashing or insults, please!

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