Jon and Kate Plus 8 Season Finale: "Maybe We'll Be Back, Maybe We Won't"

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Jon having doubts?

As the 4th season winds down, the "B-Ball and More" and "Family Outing" episodes gave us toddler art, carousel safety, and Jon finally coming clean about those tabloid pictures with the college girls.

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In case you missed it, redrockswhtsox, owner of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Fans group, reports on the ups and downs of the season finale of CafeMom's favorite toddler reality show.


The "B-Ball and More" Episode: As Season 4 comes to a close, fans are wondering if there will be a Season 5. In part 1 of the finale, the family goes to see the Harlem Globetrotters, who themselves are fans of J&K Plus 8. The family were given court side seats, treated to a meet and greet with the team, and given lots of room to run around and play during halftime.

Jealous yet? Just remember the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Kate refers to it as enrichment and culturing the family, but Jon admits throughout the finale that fame is not all that is cracked up to be.

The "Family Outing" Episode: In part 2 we learn that Jon was staying with his mother to help her recover from a broken foot. This is when the pictures of Jon and some college students were taken and blown way out of proportion causing a tabloid nightmare for the family. Jon touches a lot on how it bothers him that he can't just be himself sometimes due to their fame.

Kate coordinates a trip to an art institute where the little kids each paint their own canvass. Then they visit a children's museum. When it came time for the carousel ride, Kate decided to choose which animal each child could ride for safety reasons. She used one of her famous lines that is echoed in some form by moms everywhere: "You get what you get and you don't get upset."

As the finale came to a close, the nature of Jon and Kate's long speculated conflict is revealed. Kate loves the public life and has even hinted at moving forward with a public career aside from their show.

In her opinion, "Jon working from home is the greatest thing."

Jon's response to this was, "She does, but that's just not me."

He goes on to say that while he is happy their show is popular, it is hard having your life reduced to episodes and having no privacy.

Kate says, "We have some ironing to do. We're gonna take our little break ..."

Jon's body language suggests it's more complicated than that, and finishes the statement with, "Maybe we'll be back, maybe we won't."

Kate seems a bit crushed at the thought of not moving forward with the show and says, "I don't know, we're working on it."

Everything is wrapped up with a goodbye to the familiar basement interview set complete with J&K's autographs on the walls driving that cliffhanger home just a little more. Fans are left with the feeling that if Jon and Kate Plus 8 does return for a 5th season, things will be different. We will have to wait until May to see!

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