Joy Behar Children's Book is Obama Allegory

Joy Behar children's book"The View" talk show host Joy Behar was on Good Morning America this morning to promote her new children's book, Sheetzucacapoopoo 2: Max Goes to the Dogs, which she says is really an allegory of Barack Obama's rise to power.

According to Behar, who spoke to Robin Roberts, the books' main character, doggie Max, gets in trouble and is sent to obedience school. When he finishes he becomes a community organizer who organizes the Big Dogs and the Little Dogs. The Big Dogs (the Republicans) don't like him and his mongrels (the Democrats). Max finds ways to help the Big Dogs, he becomes popular, and everyone loves each other.

Behar says the book, written for children ages 4 through 8, is about pragmatism, change, and trying to find solutions to your situation. "And that's Barack Obama," she says.



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Regardless of your opinions on this particular example, how do you feel about underlying political messages -- either conservative, liberal, green, blue or otherwise -- in children's books?

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