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I've been chatting with CafeMom's own Queen of eBay, Portugese Power, on how to make money selling your child's outgrown baby and toddler clothing -- and today she's spilling insider secrets on how to snag the best deal when you're buying clothes and accessories for your little kids.

Where are the best bargains to be found on eBay?

Just about anything if you time your shopping right. Clothing lots sometimes are a good way to get a lot of product for a reasonable price. But make sure you look at the total cost to you, since some sellers inflate their shipping to make the selling price appear cheap. You also need to check the seller's feedback and see that on the whole they are easy to do business with and have satisfied customers. Don't be afraid to ask questions.


How do you scout for the best auctions?

Everyone has their own way of shopping eBay. It is a little time-consuming if you are looking for a specific item. I usually type the keywords into the search box -- i.e. "Gymboree 4T" -- and search the girls or toddler items, and usually select those where the auctions are ending the soonest. Some websites, such as Auction Oops!, search for common misspelled words in the titles of auctions, directing you to auctions that most people will miss.

What is the best way to win an auction on eBay?

Bid at the last minutes of the auction. If I search and find an item I like, I watch it in "My ebay" and check on it through the duration of the auction. I will also add several items to compare, and bid on the best one or have it as a back up item. I always look at what I can buy it for at the store and set my limit along with the shipping price at the total cost to myself.

Are there any types of items you should stay away from on eBay?

Avoid buying from foreign countries in Asia. Be aware of the latest scams. And ask questions. If a seller doesn't answer or has low or bad feedback, steer clear!

What are your top tips for getting a great deal on eBay?

Don't get over anxious. Do some searching before you leap in and buy or bid.

I have bought items cheaper from a "Buy It Now" than from an auction. 

Ask questions if the terms or the description don't seem clear. And read about the seller's feedback, especially the most recent comments. They are a good way to get the feel of the seller.

++Do you buy children's clothes on eBay? What are some of your secrets for getting the lowest prices?

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