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eBay is a great way make some extra money, but like anything, it takes some time, practice, and boning up on all the rules, strategies, and best practices of online auctioning. At one time, Portugese Power, owner of the eBay Sellers group, was clearing $250 a week off of 40 auctions, mostly selling children's second hand clothing, baby items and toys, but some new women's clothing as well.

She doesn't have an official business right now, because of her kids' schedules (she has four, including a four year old) and other commitments -- but she's still full of tips and tricks for moms who have been considering cashing in on some of those outgrown toddler clothes.

How does a mom who never used eBay before get started?

First they need to open an account and buy a few items to acrue a feedback score of at least 10 (more is better). (Find tips for getting deals on children's clothes on eBay in Toddler Buzz tomorrow). Then join her eBay Sellers group and check out eBay selling tips.

What should CafeMoms start raiding their closets for? What items are in big demand?

Just about anything, children's clothing, collectible, electronics, designer purses. I sold my own children's clothing, and I bought the others at yard sales and thrifts shops. I came into a bunch of new women's clothing when my shopaholic aunt passed away.

How many hours a week did you spend selling in eBay?

Roughly 8 hours for 20 auctions. That includes everything, from photographic to creating a listing and finally shipping it.

Give us a few tricks of the trade. What are the top ways to make extra money on eBay?

You need good, detailed photos of your items and lots of them, as well as detailed item descriptions and resonable shipping rates.

You should also have a low starting bid (my used clothing started off at $0.99), quick shipping time (getting it into the mail), and answer all email questions quickly and courteously.

Make your auctions as professional looking as possible -- check your spelling and make sure the terms and conditions are all spelled out.

What kinds of prices did you get for kids items? Can you give some examples of the final bids?

I start my bidding at $0.99 and sometimes items go well beyond my expectations. Example: I had a Baby Lulu outfit go for $27 and it only cost me $0.25 at a yard sale. On average, items sell for about $10 to $15 (secondhand name brand/boutique children's clothing).

Meet me back in Toddler Buzz tomorrow, when PortugesePower shares insider secrets for stealing deals on children's clothing on eBay.

Have you ever sold anything on eBay? What tips can you share with other moms?

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MySpa... MySpaceMomof3

I had seen on the ebay seelers group awhile back that after February 10, used childrens clothing wouldnt be able to be sold on eBay due to being unable to monitor lead levels in the clothes. Whatever happened to this??

myfro... myfroggyeclipse

You can still sell the clothes, I am selling a ton right now...

Imhis... Imhisprincess

I am very interested in this ,, i have a lot of womens, and kids cloths ,, along with kids toys.. Just need to know how to get started...

Pedro Leao

If you are looking for awesome strategies and ideas for selling on ebay, check the world famous ebook "Silent Sales Machines" by Jim Cockrum (type his name on google)...for only $5, you will acquire an invaluable ebook that will have your brain spinning with great ideas...now that's a bargain...but hurry, we never know when the price will go up...you'll get free lifetime updates...

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