Pediatrician Accused of Child Molestation: One Mom's Story

pediatricians accused of molesting patientsIn December, an Ohio pediatrician Dr. Mark Blankenburg was arrested on charges related to having sex with his under aged male patients.

Then, a few weeks ago, his identical twin brother, Scott Blankenburg, also a pediatrician in the practice, was arrested on the same type of charges. The Blankenburgs face a 76-count indictment, which includes pandering for prostitution, writing illegal narcotic prescriptions, and paying some of the boys "hush money."

This was especially disturbing news for alithemklady, whose own children (ages 23 months, 9, 12, and 14) have been patients of Dr. Scott Blankenburg since they were born. She herself was a patient as a child.

"I was in shock," alithemklady says. "My first reaction was that maybe it was only Mark who had done these things and not Scott. I always wondered if he was homosexual, but I don't believe that homosexual equals pedophile. He has always been an excellent doctor!  I trusted him!"

alithemklady shared more of her thoughts.


What did you tell -- or ask -- your kids about it? Were they every alone with Dr. Blankenburg during any office visit? 

I didn't ask my children any questions, because they have never been in any doctor's exam room without my husband or myself. When I told them about the charges, they were in shock, also.

How did Dr. Blankenburg relate to your kids? Did they like him?

He had a goofy, silly personality that was always at my children's maturity level. The children always responded well and were cooperative.

Did you ever suspect anything inappropriate or otherwise?

I never ever suspected anything! 

What do you think of the charges? Do you feel there is any truth to it all?

I think the charges are sickening as well as sad. They were very successful doctors and I know several people who'd seen them as children and/or take their children to one of them. 

Until recently, Scott had been allowed to continue practicing while awaiting trial as long as someone else was in the exam room with him (that was currently revoked). What did you think of that decision?

I'm currently looking for a new pediatricin, but if one of my children had been sick and needed a doctor, I would not have hesitated going to him. He is right around the corner from my house and down the street from all of their schools. I would have taken them to him until he was convicted! 

Part of me has to wonder if maybe Mark was the only one who has done these things, and maybe an accuser is mixed up, since sometimes the doctors filled in for each other.  There are just so many thoughts going through my head about this whole thing. It really is sick, sad, and upsetting.

Thanks, alithemklady, for sharing your story with us.

++Do you leave your older toddlers or bigger kids alone with their doctors? If your current pediatrician were facing similar charges, would you continue to take your children to that person?

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