Links I Love: When It's Okay to Lie to Your Tot

links I love

Photo by diamondchic

Um, what a lovely picture! Where do you draw the line between acceptable lying and unacceptable lying? -- Momversation

Rhesus monkey mamas give in to public tantrums too. -- Parent Dish

Make yummy peanut butter and jelly bars. -- Food & Party Buzz

Your local Toys R Us may be celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Fisher Price Little People this weekend -- click the link for details. -- Lil Sugar

A mom blogger blames herself for her daughter's fear of spiders and bugs. -- Dooce


How to identify non-toxic construction supplies. -- Home & Garden Buzz

Need a toddler flower girl or Easter dress that doesn't cost a fortune? See this clever $16 idea from one frugal mom. -- Like Merchant Ships

Finally, an answer to the age-old toddler mom question: Is TV all day really that bad? -- Parent Dish

Will you tell your toddler that you used IVF to concieve him? -- Pregnancy Buzz

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Garner, and more celebs show off their tots. -- Lil Sugar

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