New Product: KidKupz Medicine Cups

KidKupz; $7 for 6

I haven't used this product -- my kids are already way too addicted to candy and don't have much of a problem taking medicine anyway, so this one is not for us. But I'm curious as to what you all think about the idea behind KidKupz, disposable medicine dosing cups rimmed with candy to entice your tykes to down their liquid meds.

Because no matter how much the pharmacist flavors the amoxicillin, it still doesn't taste anything like cherries or grapes!

The cups (why can't I get the image of a margarita out of my head?) which feature "all naturally flavored candy" come in several different flavors -- sour cherry, blue raspberry, green apple, and watermelon -- and sell for $7 for a box of 6 cups.


So the idea is after your sick kiddos down the sour and yucky stuff, they get a sweet and fruity taste in their mouth, which will hopefully entice them to take the drugs willingly the next time.


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