Jon and Kate Plus 8: "Their Marriage Is Fine!"

Jon and Kate Plus 8

Jon and Kate Plus 8

As the 4th season winds down, the "Slopes, Sleds and Sesame" episode offered a break from all the stresses of the family's move into a new home.

If you watched, test yourself with this Jon and Kate Plus 8 Quiz, courtesy of our friends at Lil Sugar.

In case you missed it, redrockswhtsox, owner of the Jon and Kate Plus 8 Fans group, kindly offered this synopsis of the latest episode, featuring CafeMom's most talked about family of toddlers. This week's biggest toddler issues: parking lot meltdowns, traveling alone with kids, and teaching toddlers to behave in public.

Kate held down the fort while Jon and Cara, one of the twins, revisited The Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah. Jon has a great love for snowboarding and Cara has taken a shine to the slopes as well. Jon was impressed as he watched how well Cara was doing on her skis with a trainer while he tore up the slopes with resort resident professional, Cooper.


Jon got to take a bobsled ride which looked quite harrowing! He says it's not as smooth as it looks on TV and he actually forgot to breathe! Later, Jon took Cara tubing down the mountain after which she stated she was ready for bed. But not before a father daughter dinner topped off with a toast to their time together. As much fun as it was Cara was homesick and missing her Mom and siblings which was sad but sweet.

Meanwhile, we learned that Mady had been fitted with braces on a non filming day. Kate took her in for an adjustment. She appears to be transitioning well and enjoyed the time alone with her Mom. While braces are no fun I'm sure having them is something that sets Mady apart from her siblings and makes her feel special, which is important to her.

Later, Kate took the kids to see Sesame Street Live. She packed the kids into the van and almost got in the passenger side when she realized ... no Jon! She was going to have to drive. The kids were all asleep by the time they got there and little Hannah had a meltdown in the parking lot. Kate hefted her into her arms and still managed to coral the 3 boys at the same time. Mady helped with the other 2 girls and before they knew it they were safely inside the venue.

They were seated in a private box area. It wasn't a great view but Kate was grateful for the space with six 4 year olds having varying attention spans. Kate, the organization queen, managed to keep the kids occupied with snacks and intermittent periods of time out of their chairs. Eventually everyone was full and getting sleepy, so thankfully the show was coming to an end. They got to meet the characters afterward. That part was fun but short and sweet. Timing is everything and Kate recognized the kids had had enough!   

Everyone was happy to be back together when Jon and Cara got back. Kate even let her wake up her siblings for hugs and kisses.

And Jon and Kate's marriage is fine! Part one of the season finale is set to air next Monday, March 23. The family will go see the Harlem Globetrotters. The teaser for the finale put out by the network suggests that Jon and Kate are having problems. No need to fear! The network is playing off the rumors surrounding Jon right now to boost ratings for the finale. Check out this like to the Jon and Kate People magazine article, where Jon addresses the rumors and claims the family is intact and as strong as ever.

Would you have brought six 4 year olds to a show by yourself? Would you have handled the Sesame Street event the same way Kate did -- providing snacks and periods of time outs?

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