Free Kids on Craigslist: Funny or Sick?

free kids ad on craigslistYou can find the strangest things on craigslist. I often browse the online want ad site for pure entertainment purposes.

And every once in a while, you'll get some smart alec posting about selling or giving away children.

Recently one CafeMom found this craigslist ad for free kids posted by someone named "Marietta," which may or may not be so funny, in your own view:

"A bundle of kids I'm willing to get rid of. They aren't hard workers, and are very immature. They are between 3 and -- s**t, I'm not sure how old the oldest is. IDK, maybe 12. Come pick em up!"


Okay, we'd all like to think this was a joke, and it probably is. This woman (if she even is female) probably doesn't even have kids. Or maybe she does and were just having a bad day -- this was her own way of venting to feel better.

But, I wonder. If they were intending to be funny, wouldn't they have tried to make it a tad more humorous than that? Because Ricky Gervais she ain't.


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