What's the Difference Between a Size 2T and 24 Months?

24M versus 2T

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The kids clothing at some stores look almost identical when you hold them up together. Hmm.

And gallo pointed out in Advice for Moms that the size charts usually show the same weight range for the sizes. She was wondering if the difference might be with the cut.

She's right. The experts (including our moms, of course) say to think of size 24M as something you would buy for an 18-24 month old. You probably don't want to buy that size for a child who is already 2 and will probably outgrow it fairly quickly.

Shirts in size 24M tends to be a bit shorter, moms report. Pants in that size are a little wider in the waist (to accommodate bulky diapers) and shorter legs. 24M pants also usually have elastic waists as opposed to snaps and zippers -- some may even have the snaps up and down the leg for easy diaper changes.

What other differences have you found between the two sizes?



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tyrel... tyrelsmom

I was always told that 2T is sized to fit properly on the average child with a pullup, and 24 months is sized for wearing with a diaper.  I did notice the shirts are shorter, too.  Also, 24 months is good for big babies, it's what size my 16 month old is in.  2T is in the toddler styles, 24 months is in baby styles.  Much easier to find sleepers and onesies in 24 months than 2T.

astra... astralweeks

Thank you! My twin girls will be 3 in June and only just now are finally outgrowing 18m sizes (they're small), and I've been wondering this exact same thing. I'm going more with 2T because my girls are slim and I've been told 2T is slimmer cut, but otherwise I've been pretty clueless on the whole 24m vs 2T thing, so thanks for the help!

Azanne Azanne

My daughter is 15 months but is already in 3T and 4T's but i have always wondered the difference but never noticed.

megkel megkel

It's funny how everyone is on a different size! My mom always told me to shop one size up however Kelsey is so tiny that she wears the size she is "suppose"to. Although she is still wearing 2T pants/shorts but 3T tops since they are longer. It all really depends on the brand of clothes honestly. I bought a sweater for her from Children's Place one in 3T and one in 4T and they are about the same size. My daughter wore 24 months and 2T pants and she was potty trained. Her pants were a bit loose on her waist but that's it.

matth... matthewscandi

24 months are onesies most of the time and the 24 months pants have the diapers buttons in between the legs. 2T is more for a potty trained child.

epoh epoh

hmmm my DD is 16 mos and wears 12-18 mos usually. I have been wondering the difference between the two!

simpl... simplysmiles13

I noticed 2T's are a little bigger. I buy whichever size is available. Usually, my luck at least, I never find 24 months and 2T in the same outfit or clothing item. My son is between 26 and 30 pounds and can wear either one. He is still in 18 month pants.  2T or 24 months in tops or sleepers. I always buy big!

gobimom gobimom

I was always told that 24 month have snaps for diaper changes and 2T do not.

Toddl... ToddlerBrain82

I've also noticed that 24 months seem to be a little shorter and a bit wider, as well as many of the shirts are still onesie-style with snaps for diaper changing.

Momma... MommaTasha1003

I dont care what I buy... It seems my DD just doesnt FIT in either size right! .. One size (im guessing 24mo) is too bulky in the butt & short on her legs.. The 2ts are a mile to long on her & sometimes tight around the waiste

How can that be!?!?!

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