Are You Too Frugal?

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I'm only realizing now, after reading an article on extreme cheapskates, what unusual things I've been doing lately -- tell me if I should be concerned or if this is perfectly normal ...

First, when my husband threw away the toothpaste last week, I promptly retrieved it from the trash to see if I could squeeze a few more brushes out of it. Typical enough. I'm sure many of you do the same thing.

But then, while cleaning up the dinner dishes after spaghetti carbonara the other night, I found myself scooping my children's uneaten but undoubtedly saliva-tained pasta into a Tupperware container. Great! I thought. I just saved a couple bucks on lunch.


But now I'm thinking, Ewwww!!! Do I really need to save money that badly?

The cheapskate article talks about women who go way beyond clipping coupons and wearing secondhand clothing -- these tightwads cut shampoo bottles in half to capture every last bit of goop, and dry their hair in front of fans (because the hair dryer broke).

In addition to a new self awareness, I found some great frugal tips sites to check out:



-- The Ultimate Cheapskate

Is it possible to be too frugal? Do you exhibit any of these penny-pinching behaviors?

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