Product Review: Sensodyne Toothpaste

I periodically put new toddler products through rigorous, real-mom testing -- which means I use them and tell you what I think.

This week's product: Sensodyne ProNamel Toothpaste for Children; $3.

What it is: A fluoride toothpaste from the makers of the adult version, but this one is specifically for kids 3-12. Just finding its way to store shelves right now, the product claims to contain "an optimized fluoride formula that allows for greater fluoride uptake to help re-harden and strengthen softened enamel."


Enamel is that shiny smooth coating over teeth that guards them from decay and keeps the insides strong and healthy. Certain acidy foods that kids love -- soda, juice, ketchup and even many fruits -- can soften the enamel on the teeth. Over time and constant exposure, it errodes. And once it's gone, it's gone -- and damage to baby teeth can also effect adult teeth -- so it's something to take seriously.

My review: Positive. Which simply means my kids liked the gentle mint taste (not too overpowering) and didn't throw a hissy fit and refuse to brush. Really, I have no idea whether all those special ingredients are really protecting my child's enamel, but if they like the taste and will use it it's certainly worth a shot. Brushing twice a day (but NEVER right after eating acidy foods, because the enamel is softened and can be scrubbed off) plus limiting acidy foods and balancing them out with calcium rich foods (which neutralize the effects of acids) are a child's best defense.

The toothpaste does contain flouride, so if your toddler still swallows when brushing, you should definitely check with your dentist before using it. Kids over 3 should get only a pea sized dab -- kids under 3 a tiny smear.


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