Product Review: EarCheck Monitor

I periodically put new toddler products through rigorous, real-mom testing -- which means I use them and tell you about it.

This week's product: EarCheck Middle Ear Monitor; $50.

What it is: A handheld device that uses sound waves to detect fluid in the middle ear that may be the sign of an ear infection. Just gently insert on the outside of your child's ear and push the "scan" button.


Some of the sound bounces off the eardrum and back to the instrument's microphone. If there is fluid in the ear, the eardrum's vibrations may be restricted. The greater the fluid level, the greater the reflected sound. Within only seconds, one of five numbers will light up on the monitor, either telling you that fluid is unlikely, to monitor the ear, or to consult a doctor.

My Review: The monitor is easy to use and accurate, as far as I could tell from outside reviews and my own testing. I think it's a good product to have around if you can afford it.

For many of us, $50 is a lot. Not something we can consider spending right now. But those co-pays add up pretty fast, too, especially if your baby or toddler is prone to infections. I remember all the times I'd take my kids to the pediatrician fearing an ear infection and dishing out my co-pay, only to have the doctor tell me it's just a cold. Or all those times when I'd wanted peace of mind knowing the infection was getting better.

Because every little bit helps, there's a special offer going on now for CafeMom users: Go to the EarCheck website and enter the promo code CAFEM20 and receive 20 percent off your total order.

++Does your toddler get a lot of ear infections? How are you able to tell that your child has one?

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