Have You Lost the Baby Weight Yet?

post pregnancy bodyDon't hate me, but I did. Pretty fast. I can thank good genes and a fast metabolism.

BUT. And this is a BIG butt. Not the size but the vast amount of squishiness, flabbiness and total lack of muscle tone whatsoever. Yes, even on a relatively thin person, that's yucky for the self esteem.

Four years after having a baby, and I still can't find the time to exercise. I will no longer wear skirts of a length that's not out of the Victorian era -- and don't even mention the word "bathing suit" in my presence. Some days I wonder if I will ever see my bicep muscle again.

Thanks, kids!

How you feel about your post pregnancy body is the latest topic of Momversation. Our own vlog superstar, Cafe Kierna, said she's obsessed with all the little imperfections that pregnancy leaves on the bod, even though part of her tries to fight the superficiality of it all.



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