Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Got a sweat suit? Then no need to make a mad dash for the drug store at 10 minutes before 5 p.m. on Halloween. With a few quick touches, Woodenvelt explains how you can turn your child's favorite comfy clothes into a great costume.

For example,

  • Brown becomes a monkey with the addition of a tail and some ears. Use an old nylon or a brown sock for a tail. Stuff it with some cotton and pin it to the back of the pants. Caps make great headpeices for young children.

Find a brown cap or dye a white cap brown. Add some google eyes, maybe some felt ears on the side and draw on a monkey face. The exact same strategy can be used to turn brown into a bear or a puppy dog.

Red doesn't have to just be a devil, but that is an easy, classic and cute option. Red could also be a lady bug. Mix a red over sized top with black bottoms, cut out black felt circles to glue on for spots. You can add a headband with bobbling antennae but that's just icing. You can use this same method for a Bumble Bee, just use yellow instead of red and black stripes instead of black spots.

Black is a classic. Black cat just needs a tail and ears which can be purchased for less than 5 bucks.

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