The Pacifier Addiction Cure

Chances are your toddler will outgrow their pacifiers on their own. But if you feel the time has come for more persuasive measures, take these cues from CafeMom moms who've successfully banished the binkie:

  • The binky fairy came to our house and took the binkies to the babies that need them. --discoverytoygal
  • We told our son that if we could throw the pacifier away, we would go to Walmart and buy him a toy. It worked ... but bribery usually works with him! --ConnersMom1204
  • I remember a great suggestion: The mom told her daughter that Elmo was having a baby and really REALLY need pacis for it. They got up all of the daughter's pacifiers, wrapped them up with a note to Elmo, and labeled it to go to "Elmo at Sesame Street." Then they took it to the post office and the mom handed the post lady the box with a note that said "Please just throw this away after we leave." --MamaPyratekk
  • My aunt cut a hole in all the pacifiers so they no longer had suction. She said they were broken and had to be thrown out." --rbade
  • I took both of my daughters to Build-A-Bear Workshop on their 3rd birthdays and had them create a bear. Before the bear got stuffed, I told my daughter to add her pacifier to the bear. Then the bear got stitched up and the pacifier was inside. I explained to my daughters both before and after the Build A Bear visit that they we going to be able to sleep with their pacifier but not with it in their mouths. It has worked out great for me! --cldetary
  • Have the child put their pacifier in their Christmas stocking ... in turn Santa leaves them an additional present in place of the pacifier. --cldetary

Want more tips? Check out this advice from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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