Mom Confessions: I Paid $22 for My Son's Haircut


mom confessionsIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

"I paid $22 for my son's haircut. No, I don't like spending that kind of money on hair that only needs trimming a month later. But I do want it to look nice, and it's hard to find any place cheaper. I live in an expensive area -- even the barber charges that much! And I have no idea how to cut hair ... I know if I tried it would turn out just awful.

But the worst of it was, I spent $22 (plus tip) and the hair salon was so busy that my son didn't even get to sit in the fire truck! -- anonymous


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Have you ever felt guilty about a purchase for your kids? A haircut, clothes, or a toy they really wanted?

We all have secrets and opinions -- so thanks to these brave moms for sharing their honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgemental!

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Emmy_... Emmy_Dollface

I paid about 20 bucks for my DDs first haircut...and will do it again as she needs it! I am terrified to cut it myself!

JamiN... JamiNeal09

I'm an army wife and I live near the army base my hubby is stationed at. Even at the barber shop ON POST where everything is suppose to be cheaper, a haircut is $7. However he needs to get his hair cut fresh every Sunday. So the haircuts are roughly $28 a month.

Now this isn't too much but my husband and I are penny-pinchers because were newly weds, we just got out on our own, we have a base model mustang to pay for and an appartment with utilitys. Not only that but when my toddler comes to visit we'll be feeding him too and he eats more than one serving.

Soo when my hubby and I moved here I didnt know anything about cutting hair, army terms, nothing at all. So I had him take me to the barber shop on post and while he was getting his hair cut I watched every move, every tool, everyway they turned his head. I didn't get it the first time and eventually had to shave his head bald.

Soo try # 2, again I watched every tool, every turn, every move and the next weekend was a sucsess, however it didn't pass his sergents inspection thus making him go bald. (*crying* and my hubby has better hair than me)

But what I'm saying is watch a pro, they know what they are doing but hair cutting is no rocket science. Practice makes perfect, and for an army wife, a mother of a 3 yr old, and the worst cook in the world, I learned how to at least cut hair while burning the mac & cheese.


s.teph s.teph

Hubby does it with the clippers. Number 3 lol 5 minutes and he's done.. He's not even 2 yet, he doesn't have a hair style. We wash and go and he's done. When he's older that's a different story. RIght now I know he won't sit still, and unless I had a good reason to get his hair cut professionally, like a wedding where there would be photos, or I wanted professional photos and was planning to spend a lot of money, forget it.. it's not worth it. He's a baby.

jmcgladr jmcgladr

I regularly pay about this much for my almost 4 year old.  For my almost 2 year old, it's a little less, $18 or so.  The reason is, my older son has been quite phobic about having his hair cut, and because somebody nicked him with the buzzers once. won't let them use the buzzers on him either.  So we go to the kids' haircutting place.  They take their time cutting his hair, always avoid the buzzers, and he can sit on a motorcycle and watch Dora, which keeps him happy.  And though his little brother is less fussy, we just get his done at the same place/same time to save two trips.  We let it go as long as possible between cuttings, like 3 or 4 months sometimes.  There are no kids' hair cutting places in our city, or any American cities nearby, so we actually hop across the border (we live right near it) to get it done in Vancouver, B.C. to the North of us.  Makes for a fun day trip, anyway!

jmcgladr jmcgladr

Forgot to add, you DO get a free cut for every 10 cuts or so at any of the 4 Vancouver locations of the place we go to.  I put both boys' cuts on the same card so eventually I do get a bit of a discount.  Plus, they get free balloons and toys to take home and the staff are usually pretty nice and friendly to them.

rozepyle rozepyle

we tend to buy overly expensive presents. dh wanted a wagon, i did too so instead of the step 2 we got the radio flyer.... but not the regular one the pimped out one ;) etc etc. thats how it usually goes, i dont see anything wrong with it!!

081109 081109

I'm leaving my son's hair to grow a bit more and then we're doing a mohawk for his first cut.  Still unsure whether we're going to pay someone or not.  I prefer to splurge on clothing so I'll probably end up cutting it myself.

Mommy... MommyMonster907

My son is 5 and I want him to have a cute haircut and that's just something I cannot do....I tried once when he was 3 and omg it looked like little bo peep......I'll just pay the money.

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