Mom Confessions: I Paid $22 for My Son's Haircut


mom confessionsIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

"I paid $22 for my son's haircut. No, I don't like spending that kind of money on hair that only needs trimming a month later. But I do want it to look nice, and it's hard to find any place cheaper. I live in an expensive area -- even the barber charges that much! And I have no idea how to cut hair ... I know if I tried it would turn out just awful.

But the worst of it was, I spent $22 (plus tip) and the hair salon was so busy that my son didn't even get to sit in the fire truck! -- anonymous


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Have you ever felt guilty about a purchase for your kids? A haircut, clothes, or a toy they really wanted?

We all have secrets and opinions -- so thanks to these brave moms for sharing their honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgemental!

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koala... koalagirl

We all go to the same place. The kids are comfortable there, so I don't mind-We pay 13 for kids, I pay 22.  Hubby goes to Best Cuts b/c he says he won't pay that much!!

momof... momof2luvsshoes

I pay $30 for a cut and style for myself but I only do it about 2 to 3 times a year.  My oldest ds and my dh get their hair cut about every 6-8 weeks because it grows like crazy and we pay $20 for dh and $15-18 for ds plus tip.  My 3 y/o ds would rather me trim his when it needs it but it's not as often.  I don't mind paying that because I know he will do a good job (we have a specific stylist).  If we all go at the same time we get a discount!!  I do trim their hair every now and then though.   

justa... justanotherjen

My son has only ever had 2 professional cuts.  His first at 18 months before his grampa's funeral ($6 at the barber and we had to hold him down as he screamed) and in 2007 when he was almost 6.  My dad took him because his barber was retiring and they were having a party.

Every other hair cut I have given him...for free.  We invested in a set of clippers and I do all the cutting.  Basically in the summer I just buzz it all off at one length.  During the year I keep it short and I've learned to fade it in the back a bit.  Nothing fancy.  He's also let it grow out long (down to his chin all the way around which I thought looked super cute).

I would never pay $22 for a haircut...not even for myself.  We go to Great Clips (me and the girls) and their cuts are $12 each.  I'd do their hair myself but I can't get them to sit still and my oldest daughter has some crazy cowlicks and really thick hair.

Rylee... RyleeMendez

I voted do it yourself.  You can get a pair of clippers for pretty cheap and they're pretty fool proof.

summe... summerleigh

I said pay the going rate, which luckily around here is not $22. I use coupons and get a hair cut at Cookie Cutter's (the place with the firetruck seat) for $9! They even get a free ice cream next door with the reciept so I know I couldn't do a better job myself.

simpl... simplyjaneen

Yikes! I have enough of an issue paying $10 for a kid's hair cut! To pay $22?! NO WAY! I'll shave it off!

Lauri... Lauriemom

Well,. I have girls so if I really wanted to I could just save the money and let it grow long.  My oldest is overdue for a trim but it looks ok so I put it off till we had some extra money. We'll go tomorrow and get it done

If I had sons, I'd simply have to take it out of the grocery money whenever they needed it.  You cannot allow your kids to go around looking unkempt or cared for.

tha-h... tha-hawt-mommie

i dont think thats expensive at all

RanaA... RanaAurora

If she lives in an expensive area, there's probably not much she can do if there's no Great Clips or something of that type around.

I'd never pay $22 for a little kid's haircut unless I didn't have a choice.  I cannot cut hair.  We've tried.

mommy... mommyuphold

My DS got his haircut for the FIRST time yesterday and he is almost 3. We paid $20, but it was only suppose to be $10, but my DH felt that the lady did a good job and was very patient with our DS.

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