Could My Son Be a Sociopath?


sociopathic childrenA 3 year old recently told his mother: "Mommy, I want to see your blood. On your face."

Mom got the sense this was not an innocent toddler question in the category of "Why is the sun yellow?" or "Can monkeys fly?" So she put him in a time out. That made him angry.

Then the anonymous mother ran to her computer and put out an advice wanted alert in Answers, asking if her son might be showing signs of being a sociopath.

It's not the first time he's displayed this type of behavior, she explained. He also threw a chair at his teacher and poked another kid in the eye for no apparent reason.

"Sociopathy is the complete lack of conscience and the inability to naturally be able to tell right from wrong," explains NovemberLove. "Unless you've noticed other instances where he said or did something disturbing (not understanding a moral concept, not being remorseful of doing something wrong, wanting to harm others or pets), I think he'll be fine."

"Has he seen a movie he shouldn't have? Are the kids at preschool sharing stories about things they've seen, or things that may have happened at home?" grandmalinda707 says. "Their imaginations are wild at that age! I know how you must be feeling. If he's acting out in unusual ways (and only you know your child that well) then ask your pediatrician for advice. Perhaps he can point you in the direction of a good child therapist for a session or two. I'm sure he isn't a future serial killer, though! He's VERY curious and apparently fearful and angry over something."

I've gotten a few slaps and verbal jabs from my kids when they were mad at me because I wouldn't give them what they wanted or I was being a horrible mommy by asking them to go potty before went out, stuff like: "I don't like Mommy," "You're not my friend!" -- and one time in a fit of rage my son even told me, "I hope your arm falls off!"

But I'm pretty sure this is just age-appropriate getting-the-anger-out. Not once have my children ever scared me.

++Can you relate to the above mom's story -- has your child ever said something that made you say, "Umm, is this really normal? Should I be worried here?"

What kinds of mean things do your toddlers say when they are mad at you?

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melne... melneejane

I haven't had issue with my own children in this area. Not they are angels but nothing unusual...however, a co-worker and neighbor. Her son told his kindergarden teacher he was going to shoot her in the head and kill everyone at school. When sent to the principals office for saying this he told the principal he was going to go home and get his gun with a scope and shoot him in the head.  He has been through numerous counselors, therapists, psychiatrist..residential facilities and still isn't much better. He is in 8th grade now and hoping he will assimilate into high school next year without too many problems. Unfortunately, he seems to be the next Ted Bundy,

Lindalu2 Lindalu2

Do you think he was talking about seeing her blush? That's what happens-the blood rushes to your face. At his age,I doubt he is a sociopath.

AMsMo... AMsMommy212

I told my dad's wife (my step-mom)I hoped a lion would eat her up, once (i was like 4 or 5) I don't remember why, she probably sided with my older brother in a disagreement or something silly like that.. KIDS!! I'm scared of the things mine will say someday!

clilm... clilmomma

 I doubt it my daughter who is three told me one day she was going to cut me but i dont think she is sico im sure it is just something he may have seen or Do you think he was talking about seeing her blush?

StarM... StarMommy77

I can't imagine my child slapping me in my face ...

Parents but be consistent and connected to their children..

I think I would seek the advice of a counselor.. even if just to get some help on how to address your child saying something so ugly and hideous.

MomSh... MomShawn70

Although I believe that some people are just born with sociopathic tendencies, often I think, it is more the parents response to odd behavior that causes problems in the first place. 

Punishing a small child for saying something odd or behaving strangely, only causes the child to remember more vividly what strange behavior got a rise out of the parent and guarantees a repeat performance.  Had the parent took a moment to say something to the effect of "The only way blood could get on my face is if I was hurt.  And I don't want to be hurt"  It causes the little one to reflect with empathy on what they had just said.   

DeTor... DeTora_Family

I was a carefree, selfish, insensitive child and some of my behavior bordered on sociopathic.  I never cared about upsetting anyone over anything.  I didn't seek to harm others, but never felt guilt or concern when they were hurt.  I stayed out late and never called home.  It never sunk in that my mother worried about me.  I was very self-centered.  I had wonderful parents and they tried very hard to teach me to be a "good kid" and it just didn't work.  It started very early.  At two, a stranger told me I was cute and I responded with "I'm going to peel off your skin and throw you in the ocean."  Where does a toddler hear that!?  We didn't have a television.

Well, fast-forward to the day my son was born.  It was like a light switch was turned on.  I experienced a rush of selfless, unconditional love for this person and sobbed every time he was upset.  I was a teenager and made a total 180.  I am a very caring, thoughtful person now.  I hurt for others and am a great friend to many.  I have a mean streak when it comes to protecting my family or feeling attacked by someone, but I am otherwise just a regular, decent, productive member of society.  I guess my point is that there is hope and it could just be a matter of maturity.

sparr... sparrow1138

My child with Aspergers syndrome says horrid things when he is in meltdown mode. ask for a screening.

MrsMi... MrsMikeyFelter

my daughter (whom just turned two) is very violent towards are cat, choking him all while saying tickle tickle tickle.  She will also drag it around by its paw, tail, head and neck.  I saw her trying to put it in a shoe box the other day. I don't think she is realizing that she is actually hurting the kitten, especially when the cat doesn't EVER run away from the torture!

Freela Freela

I can relate, based on my ds... his jk year was rough because he was overwhelmed and prone to emotional outbursts.  I got called in his first week because he shouted "I wish you would die!" at a teacher who was trying to discipline him.  Late in his kindergarten career I got another call because he told the librarian that "I'm so angry that I could blow up the school."  Not a politically correct thing to say in this day and age!  That being said, I don't think he's a sociopath in the making... he is also very affectionate and huggy, is generally good natured with his two little sisters, and totally spoils his guinea pigs.  He just lacked impulse control when he was four or five and was expressing his anger with the 'strongest' words he had.  On the bright side, it's been a year since the 'blowing up the school' incident and no calls from the teacher this school year so he is learning self control!

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