Pee-Pee, Wee-Wee or Woo-Woo. Which One Does Your Child Have?

Our son refers to his piece of equipment as a "willie" (credit his Irish grandparents for that), and my daughter uses the standard "pee-pee."

But I noticed there is movement among some moms here for their childen to refer to their private parts using the proper medical terms--penis and vagina.

nick82 says in the Advice for Moms group that's what she does. But she sometimes gets flak from other parents because of it.


And infantrychick makes a good argument for using medical terms: "It has been proven that a child knowing the correct name for their genitals is less likely to be molested than a child who has been taught some other euphemism. It also promotes a healthy body image. Girls don't have to feel ashamed of their "hooha" or "weewee" or whatever else you want to call it."

Other moms say it's okay for their child to know the proper terms, but prefer they use "privates" or other generic label, especially in public.


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On a lighter note, some of the alternative names that moms and kids come up with here are pretty hysterical--some boy parts include "my junk,""peenie," and "my boy," and some girl names include "ladybug," and "front butt."

What are some of the funny names that your child uses to describe their privates?

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