Teaching a Toddler to Blow Her Nose

toddlers learning to blow their nose

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My son is 5 and still can't blow his nose. So when he's suffering from a cold and all clogged up, I wait till he's sleeping and squirt some Ocean drops up his nostrils.

The aftermath is not pretty, and the screaming sometimes wakes my daughter, so tomorrow I'm planning on opening up The Cafe Cynthia Nose Blowing Academy for both my kids, based on this advice from Answers.

-- Tell him to close his mouth and practice blowing on his hand like he is blowing out birthday candles with her nose. -- Prrecious


-- I have 14 kids from 5 to 29 and I have taught them all the same way: "Shut your mouth tight and blow like a dragon!" They all did it on the first try! -- motherof14

-- I put placed my daughter's finger under my nose and let her feel the air, and then we practiced together while looking in the mirror. It took some time for her to get it, but what a relief. -- Dannee

-- Rip up some tissue paper and have races by blowing the paper across the table without using your mouth. That teaches them to blow out through the nose and it shows them how hard they should blow. -- kaycee14

-- I taught mine how to do this in the bathtub. When they would get water in their noses, I would tell them to blow it out. I'd demonstrate. Once they understood that feeling, they got the whole nose-blowing thing. Both my boys blew their noses at around 3 years of age. -- fbic72

-- Tell him he will blow it or you will have to use the snot sucker. LOL that's always enough to motivate my kids. -- teri4lance


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