My Toddler Cut Her Hair Off!

toddlers who cut their own hair

Photo by bishop96

Let's hope he doesn't get ahold of the scissors!

My daughter has the hair I always wanted: thick, shiny, and bouncy. I hope it always stays that way.

So I'm extra careful about making sure I put the scissors away pronto after all craft activities, lest she gets an idea in her head similar to toddlers in a recent Advice for Moms thread titled: "My DD cut her hair!"

"My daughter is 3 and I noticed last night after she got home from her grandma's that she had a huge chunk of hair missing on the front side of her hair! OMG! It's like only an inch long, so now I have to take her to the salon and hope they can fix it without having to cut her hair all off!"


The same thing happened to my neighbor's daughter last summer. She had a lovely blond shoulder-length bob, but after she discovered the scissors her dad had inadvertantly left in the grass near the garden, she appeared with one of those bi-level dos popular in the 80s -- the left side was shorn off to her chin!

Some moms in the Advice for Moms thread posted before and after pictures of their own toddler's self-hairdressing skills in the comments -- click this link to see pictures of toddlers who cut their own hair. Pretty funny stuff, but toddlers are just plain cute ... bad hair day or not.

I can't believe my kids have never attempted this, and now that I've said this I'm probably going to stumble across a little surprise of my own one of these days!

++Has your toddler ever gotten adventurous with the scissors? What was the result?

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