My Toddler Cut Her Hair Off!


toddlers who cut their own hair

Photo by bishop96

Let's hope he doesn't get ahold of the scissors!

My daughter has the hair I always wanted: thick, shiny, and bouncy. I hope it always stays that way.

So I'm extra careful about making sure I put the scissors away pronto after all craft activities, lest she gets an idea in her head similar to toddlers in a recent Advice for Moms thread titled: "My DD cut her hair!"

"My daughter is 3 and I noticed last night after she got home from her grandma's that she had a huge chunk of hair missing on the front side of her hair! OMG! It's like only an inch long, so now I have to take her to the salon and hope they can fix it without having to cut her hair all off!"

The same thing happened to my neighbor's daughter last summer. She had a lovely blond shoulder-length bob, but after she discovered the scissors her dad had inadvertantly left in the grass near the garden, she appeared with one of those bi-level dos popular in the 80s -- the left side was shorn off to her chin!

Some moms in the Advice for Moms thread posted before and after pictures of their own toddler's self-hairdressing skills in the comments -- click this link to see pictures of toddlers who cut their own hair. Pretty funny stuff, but toddlers are just plain cute ... bad hair day or not.

I can't believe my kids have never attempted this, and now that I've said this I'm probably going to stumble across a little surprise of my own one of these days!

++Has your toddler ever gotten adventurous with the scissors? What was the result?

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juju40 juju40

oh yes, my daughter cut her hair three times at school grandmas and our house, I had to let her grow out she's now 7 and I caught her with the scissors again but didn't cut it....I don't what it is with kids and scissors and love them

TessyCat TessyCat

My DD's hair just got back to the length it was before she cut it off and that was over a year and a half ago! She went from thick, flowing blonde hair that was almost to her butt, to a bob on one side with the rest still long. If it wasn't for school pics I would have left her that way! After her hair cut she looked like the blonde girl from the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I was devistated.

Desig... DesignGirl450

Well, the good thing about hair is that no matter what disaster befalls it, the hair WILL grow back. 

When my daughter was 3, I had dressed her in a sweetittle outfit I had designed and made for her, and fixed her long hair which was naturallly wavy, to go out to the local mall for a vist and photo with Santa.  I left her inthe family room with a few things (including some craft paper and a pair of those little snub-nosed plastic kids scissiors) to play with while I finished getting ready.  Well, I came downstairs to get her, and sure enough, she had chopped off the left side of her hair!  So her Santa photo from that year is a little interesting.  At least afterwards, you can laugh about it.

When my two years younger sister and I were kids, we did an even better one.  We got into a can of leftover housepaint in our basement and painted ourselves, hair included, a lovely shade of blue.  Of course, my mom couldn't get it all out, so it tok some time to be completely without blue hair.  I also cut my sister's hair whe we were little - a real chop job.  she still loves me though.

mama_... mama_k228

My DD did it when she was 4 y.o., the evening before the Christmas program at school!  She cut one side of her head down to about 2 inches--she had shoulder length hair.  I gave her some kind of braided hairstyle to cover it up.

I did it to myself when I was 7, and definitely old enough to know better.  I cut the back of my hair becasue I wanted it to look like my mom's.

Mme.L... Mme.Langley

When I was young, i used to cut my bangs CONSTANTLY! Now I loook back and see the pictures and say "WTF was I thinking?". LOL

Joanna_M Joanna_M

LOL I remember when I cut my hair when I was about 5. My mom was reading me some book series and the little girl in it had her bangs parted, only I didn't realize that I just thought it was cut that way. So one day I got ahold of some scissors and decided to cut my bangs so that they had an upsidedown triangle like the girl in the book. I was all proud of myself and went to show my mom, who promptly had a nervous breakdown.

Ah more stuff to worry about my son doing someday.

Peajewel Peajewel

I actually know a couple people that this has happened to recently.  My one friend is on here.  Her daughter cut her hair short, short, short.  I could not believe it when I saw the pictures.  My daughter has not done this yet and I so hope she does not.  I will not say she won't because it happens so easily. 

zombi... zombie_mommy

my brothers and i cut our own hair dozens of times as children.  my daughter hasn't gotten that far yet.

rachelo rachelo

my kids haven't yet, but my niece would cut her bangs when she was around 3 or 4. my sister was trying to let them grow out so they'd be out of her eyes, etc. but every time they'd get to a certain length, my niece would somehow get a hold of scissors and snip them off to only an inch or so from her head. eventually they got them grown out so they didn't bother her anymore.
oh. and my niece also used to cut the dog's hair. you'd think my sister would learn to put the scissors out of reach. :)

mommy... mommyuphold

My kids haven't done this yet. But somedays I wish my DS I could take him and get it cut. But I have decided if he gets into preschool I am cutting with/ without DH's

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