Birthday Gift Registries: Great Idea or a Little Tacky?


birthday gift registries

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I recently passed along some mom tips for requesting specific birthday gifts for your child without being rude. One mom said she wanted to find a way to drop the hint that her son desperately needed clothes, since he had so many toys already.

  • As part of the discussion, Peajewel kindly clued me in that some stores now have birthday gift registries for kids. So, not only can you request a category of gift, you can indicate the EXACT gift or toy for your child -- just like in a baby registry.


If your child received a birthday invite from a friend with gift registry info, would you oblige and buy a toy or item on the list?

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xxPau... xxPaulaxx

This poll should have an option for other, if the gifts were something that I could imagine myself or my child picking out for the kid anyway, I'd prolly go ahead and buy that.. but that's if I even bothered to look at the registry, which is doubtful.

TKsMo... TKsMommie

My kids LOVE picking out presents for people, especially other kids.  I think a gift registry for a birthday party takes the fun out of it because half the fun is picking out a present for your friend!  Plus doing it that way they get a gift they might not have thought of and in my experience those get played with more!

Littl... Littlejem

I voted yes, but I live in the South so just want to point out that down here sending a gift registry with an invite is kind of a new thing?  I know that anyone over age 40 considers it very rude down here, and my mom told me when I got married if I sent out gift registry info she would kill me.

So I do registries, and I might email family members about it, but otherwise I only give the info out if people ask me what to get.

aiden... aidensmomma508

I think I would look at the list and see if I wanted to buy any of the items.... If I saw something I'd rather get the child on my own I would.  I would never do this for a birthday for my son.  If people want suggestions, they can ask me or him?

RJCmo... RJCmom0706

II would if it is something that my child would want to buy for the other kid.  I would create one for my child for family, but only give it out to friends if they ask for some ideas.  My son has things that he puts on a list if he likes them so I have ideas for later.  That is what I would give out to others.  I would also tell people that if they found something that wasn't on the list that it is ok to buy what they find instead. 

aameliaz aameliaz

sooo tacky its like requesting a birthday present and that shouldn't be required to attend a party. Yes whenever I go to a child's party I generally bring a present. BUT if my daughter was inviting someone from school say this little girl's parents didn't have a lot of money and stuff I would rather the kid just come to the party and have fun rather then the parents tell her she couldn't go cause they didn't have enough money to buy something off this registry.

jajamama jajamama

thats trickey i think i woudl do it for like a sweet sixteen or mabey like kids age 13 and older cause at that age there tastes change so fast that it migth be usefull. i have seen on invites around my area people putting clothing size and fav toys like size 5 t  loves transformers that way they know anythgin u get the child will fit them because its hard to get a gift for a child that you dont see that often

madam... madamekatekate

Not for just any old birthday party. Maybe if it were for a teens sweet 16, lol.

Ok, ok...I would probably buy somethng from the list but it would be the cheapest thing there was.

I see no problem with putting a few of a younger childs interests or clothing size on an invitation but who in the world would honestly make a REGISTRY for a TODDLERS birthday?

That's just a little too ridiculous for me.

Freela Freela

I would buy something from the list if it was appropriate and in the right price range.  Sometimes it is hard to pick a gift that a child will like, especially for son's school friends who I don't actually know.  However I would much rather a verbal comment that 'He likes Transformers' or 'She likes arts and crafts' than an actual registry.  For a wedding, sure.  For a kid's b-day, I think it's a bit pushy.

Sylvi... SylviaNCali

YES because it would really be awful to see them open up the same gift two times. At least I could just buy it and be done. I personally did request people just buy books for one B-day. No registry. I don't need too many toys so I guess it depends on the person.

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