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My son woke up with a cough last week. So the first thing he declares to me, of course, is: "I have to stay home from school today because I'm sick, Mommy."

Well, no, I explained. Plain old coughs don't qualify for sick days. Not according to the school nurse and not according to my rules. If that were the case, my kids would never go to school and preschool!

It's funny how you lower your standards for how sick your child has to be to stay home the older they get. Nataly Kogan of says when her daughter started pre-school, two years ago, her bar was really high — a runny nose would be reason enough to keep her home. Today it's if she has a fever or is just generally miserable.

Come to think of it, now that my son and toddler is older, that's the criteria in our house, too. I don't expect them to get it now, but someday I hope they'll understand that it's way better to tough it out and let Mommy and Daddy save their time off for a real vacation day, when the entire family can be together and do something fun!


Have you ever sent your non-feverish child to preschool or day care when they weren't feeling well?

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Momof... Momof2Stepof3

A cough and stuffy nose doesn't meret a stay at home now a fever meret a stay at home.

rebab... rebabeach2

This happened this morning to us actually. One of my daughters had a rough night sleeping and was running a temp when we woke up - but only around 99.6. She was crabby and miserable getting ready, and very clingy. I KNEW she wanted to stay home with me rather than go to daycare, but having already taken a day off this week because I was sick, I really couldn't afford to do another one. I hate having to make that choice, but since I was pretty sure her crabby start had more to do with lack of sleep than a low-grade fever, I still brought her. The daycare provider was left with instructions to call me ASAP if the fever got any higher, but I am pretty sure she will be okay after nap time.

Lovep... Loveplusmama

I think if my little guy was really acting miserable, I would keep him home even without a fever- but more often than not, unless there's a fever, puke or too much poop, he's off to daycare.

Jason... JasonsMom2007

When I was young if we were home sick we were in bed all day.  It really made us not want to stay home sick LOL. My son will be homeschooled but if he was going to public school he would be treated the same way.

aruba3 aruba3

no fever no vomiting then there is school

Mommy... Mommy2_two

If my kids has a fever, runny nose that is green, or vomiting then they stay home

babyfat5 babyfat5

For my kids to stay home there must be vomiting, diarrhea, fever, an infection requiring a trip to the doctors (and a doctor note telling me when to send them back) or something along those lines. The stuff they would send them home for is the stuff I keep them home for. I do send them with tissues for a runny nose and a note to the teacher stating what I gave them that morning for the symptoms when about it will have worn off and that I will be up at X time to give another dose.


I get soooo pissed when lazy ass parents who cant give up a day of work send their kids to school or daycare.  If my child is couging with runny nose I keep his butt home and so should everyone else. And dont give me the single mom excuse cuz I was one! It agrivates the hell out of me cuz it gets my kids sick and then me. Right now we have all been fighting off a cold for almost 2 weeks cuz parents insist on sending their kid that has been hacking up all over the place to school.  Now  my 8 month old gets really sick b/c her immune still weak, and my son is sick. I kept him home for 3 days because I am not one of those stupid parents that think it ok to infect the entire class!

baly2001 baly2001

My children go to school unless they are running a high fever & there doctor says they need to stay home. Otherwise they go to school till the nurse calls me & tells me to pick them up.

aiden... aidensmomma508

It really stinks.  If it was up to me, all kids would stay home if they were sick/ have colds.  I hate the fact that my son was sick all winter because no one kept their kids home.  My son was never sick before he started school. IT SUCKS.  But I do have to send my son to school with a cold, because I can only miss 3 days of work before I loose my job.  I hate it.

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