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My son woke up with a cough last week. So the first thing he declares to me, of course, is: "I have to stay home from school today because I'm sick, Mommy."

Well, no, I explained. Plain old coughs don't qualify for sick days. Not according to the school nurse and not according to my rules. If that were the case, my kids would never go to school and preschool!

It's funny how you lower your standards for how sick your child has to be to stay home the older they get. Nataly Kogan of says when her daughter started pre-school, two years ago, her bar was really high — a runny nose would be reason enough to keep her home. Today it's if she has a fever or is just generally miserable.

Come to think of it, now that my son and toddler is older, that's the criteria in our house, too. I don't expect them to get it now, but someday I hope they'll understand that it's way better to tough it out and let Mommy and Daddy save their time off for a real vacation day, when the entire family can be together and do something fun!


Have you ever sent your non-feverish child to preschool or day care when they weren't feeling well?

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jtzzmama jtzzmama

Lol, I'm one of these parents... I am a single mom who WILL NOT take off work for a cold. If he's that sick, they'll send him home... but I can't be losing my job for every time he gets sick... it seems like he is ALWAYS sick... unless it's a high fever, on to school he goes. At my job, you can only have three sick occurrences a year, I'm not taking no chances in losing my income. In the end it builds up their immune system because he usually avoids the crazy stuff that goes around the daycare.

However, my son is never sick for two weeks, that sounds like a personal problem. Clean ur house!!!

"I get soooo pissed when lazy ass parents who cant give up a day of work send their kids to school or daycare.  If my child is couging with runny nose I keep his butt home and so should everyone else. And dont give me the single mom excuse cuz I was one! It agrivates the hell out of me cuz it gets my kids sick and then me. Right now we have all been fighting off a cold for almost 2 weeks cuz parents insist on sending their kid that has been hacking up all over the place to school.  Now  my 8 month old gets really sick b/c her immune still weak, and my son is sick. I kept him home for 3 days because I am not one of those stupid parents that think it ok to infect the entire class!

MAMMA2DYANDTY Feb. 20, 2009 at 5:01 PM"

proud... proudmama1207

I normally take him to daycare if he has a small cough or a runny nose. I was glad I chose to stay home with him today though. Something didn't seem right. I took him to the doctor. He has croup. Mommy instincts save the day!


my son's school has a policy that if he's out of school, he needs a dr's note. three non excused days, and he fails, even if he's a straight A student. yes i send him sick. again, no fever, no swollen throat, come-on moms, really...can u afford for your child to go to the dr. EVERY time he/she gets runny nose or coughs, just so they don't get held back? if you can, kudos for your income, mine won't budget $75 once a week for each of my three kids. and i'm not stupid or lazy, and you can catch a cold from walmart, do you keep them out of there and every other public place? children need to build their immune systems, they can't do that in a sterile environment. they have to grow up sometime...and no i don't expect my kids to suffer through the day, if they are that bad that they are suffering, they stay home...a runny nose a cough does not equal torture...

Madre... Madrepor2ndavez

I was sent a note from the school administration, last year because my child who was in 2nd grade missed 6 days of school because she had fevers, and her asthma would start after that, with the coughing. I was told that unless the fever is 103 or more, to give her tylenol and send her to school, because usually in there they get better!!!

It boiled my blood, and I had to get the doctor to write a note for each time she was sick, for those 6 times.

Thanks to God she has only been out when the weather has provided the excuse this year, and have all the schools closings, about 3 times. But I don't like it when she is not feeling well, if she is not feeling well, I call the doctors office and take her in for a sick appointment, so she has an excuse,and they don't bug me with that.



Madrepor2ndavez Feb. 20, 2009 at 11:52 PM (Delete)

Praying Praying

The only thing with caugh is strep - sometimes when my D gets a cough she gets strep (she's a magnent and may have tonsils out this summer) school doesn't WANT here there until she's been on the antibiotics for 24 hrs

Mommy... Mommyx2BG

My daughters' pre-school will not let them come if they have a runny nose. I think that's crazy. Runny noses can last for weeks.

truet... truetigress

Our school says to keep kids home if they are running a temperature over 100 degrees or have diahrrea or vomiting...I keep my daughter home if she has those or if she just plain looks sick...and sleepy. They would rather you keep them home than infect other kids in their class.

pixxy... pixxydust

I the fact that parents use work as a lame as excuse to send there kids to school. I have known parents that kids have been sick running fever all night wait about a hour before school and pump them full of tylenol. the kids fever breaks and off to school. and the parents use the excuse they could not miss work. No the truth is you are to lazy to take care of your kid. If it wuz you that sick you would find any way not to have to go to work. I mean not every parent is this way. but if your kid is sick you have to find someone to watch them or stay home. Dont like it then maybe you should have thought more about having kids.

And for the parents that do this tylenol trick I want to punch you in the face. i am a mother of a daughter that has health issues cause of a rare medical condition that she wuz born with. I work extra hard. Pay a fortune in Insurance to keep my child well. and you lazy parents send there kids to school sick. have you once stopped and thought about someone else besides yourself. You are putting other childrens health at risk. I mean some kids could die do to your neglence and stupidity has a parent. thankyou very much for raising are insurance and spending are money and putting are childrens life in danger.

Britt... Brittainy412

Use work as a lame excuse?  In today's ecomomy especially many employers are looking for reasons to fire people just to save a little money!  (I know My bosses wanted me to do it to my employees)  Most employers will not think twice about firing someone who is out regularly for sick children.

Yes , Kids catch colds and other things in school, however a lot of it can be prevented with good old fashioned common sense.  Washing Hands, using tissues etc.

For most children, catching colds and whatnot is Healthy for them!  It builds them up as adults.  Most parents who are forced to put thier children in day care as infants find that at first they are sick all the time and then a few years down the road they are hardly ever sick.

If your child is that serious you should rethink having her in school or in public.  She can just as easily catch a cold from germs left on a shopping cart.

snail... snailteacher

Having a simple cold with no fever is not a reason to keep a child home from school.  I can't tell you how many conferences I have had about attendance with preK - 1st grade parents.  By the time they have the cold symptoms, trust me the germ has spread.  However, that does not excuse sending a child who is truely sick.  Fever, vomiting etc. do not belong in the classroom.

Schools and Daycares are germ breeder, but as the body gets use to it, it does get better.  My first year in the classroom I was sick all the time!  You can't learn if you miss for every little cough!

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