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My son woke up with a cough last week. So the first thing he declares to me, of course, is: "I have to stay home from school today because I'm sick, Mommy."

Well, no, I explained. Plain old coughs don't qualify for sick days. Not according to the school nurse and not according to my rules. If that were the case, my kids would never go to school and preschool!

It's funny how you lower your standards for how sick your child has to be to stay home the older they get. Nataly Kogan of says when her daughter started pre-school, two years ago, her bar was really high — a runny nose would be reason enough to keep her home. Today it's if she has a fever or is just generally miserable.

Come to think of it, now that my son and toddler is older, that's the criteria in our house, too. I don't expect them to get it now, but someday I hope they'll understand that it's way better to tough it out and let Mommy and Daddy save their time off for a real vacation day, when the entire family can be together and do something fun!


Have you ever sent your non-feverish child to preschool or day care when they weren't feeling well?

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sweet... sweetbabygra756

it hard to tell if my daughter is sick she has alligery. so she allway have ran nose and cought.

fluud7 fluud7

I think it's important that parents consider other kids and their families. If you wouldn't want your child sitting next to a child with his/her symptoms, then keep them home.

Velve... VelvetCat

Well, i tend not to agree here.  While it may inconvenience you, think about all the other people that will be inconvenienced when your sick kid gets THEIR kid sick, then they bring that sickness home and give it to a 2 weeks old baby, who ends up in the hospital with tubes and IV's for a week with RSV. NOT fun.


tyfry... tyfry7496

I know it wasn't right but I have given my son a dose of Ibouprofen and sent him to school because I had no one to watch him and had to show up at work. I told the school what I did and told them to wait an hour and then call me and I would be able to leave work to pick him up. I normally keep my son home if he is feverish, sore throat, throwing up or has one of his killer headaches. Kids that are sick or contagious should stay home as should adults that are sick and contagious.

cadsm... cadsmommy

This is one of the reasons I am a SAHM, if my child isn't feeling well they shoudln't have to tough it out, they are not adults, and I know when I was working it was awful to be there sick.  So, why in the world would I put a child, my child through that.  Plus, I would rather nip it then than him come home worse and everyone in class + the teacher hass it.

I think it's selfish when parents send their kids to school sick, who cares about the other kids and families that are affected by it & newborn babies, just as long as they don't have to take a day off of work.

Sylvi... SylviaNCali

It is really inconsiderate to send kids who have a cough to school. Other kids will get sick because they share stuff and are in the same room all day. If people kept their kids home when sick it would mean less sick days for everyone.

Super... SuperPookie

It's selfish to want to pay your bills & feed your kids evidently.Yes I have sent my daughter to school sick when she was younger & I had no one to watch her.I couldn't afford to miss even one day of work .I guess I should have just stayed home & went on welfare.eye rolling

Sylvi... SylviaNCali

I had to add something else. It's really just greed that fuels people to do this type of mess. There is no excuse to send a sick child to school. He/she needs to be cared for and nursed back to health.

mom2b... mom2boys1997

I homeschool.  For my kids to not do school they have to be so sick that they cannot get out of bed.

                                                                 throwing up

When I taught in public school I would get mad at parents who would medicate their kids to cover symnptoms then when the meds would wear off and the kid was running a fever and vomiting the parents could not be contacted...GRRRR


happy... happytexasCM

I was left home alone sick because my parents would lose their jobs staying home with me.

Though I have known some parents whose school districts have ridiculous sick policies, such as every day off needs a doctor's note (sure, when a child just needs a day or two off to rest force the parent to drag them to a germ infested Dr.'s office to be told they have a cold--plus the expense), or there are a maximum of 5 days missed school a year or the child will be left back.

Seeing as the majority of families are two income with, maybe 3 sick days per parent, what can they do?  I'm glad to be a SAHM.  Even my dh is glad not to have the stress of how to juggle children with two working parents like some of his coworkers.

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