Keeping Sick Kids Home from School

sick days

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My son woke up with a cough last week. So the first thing he declares to me, of course, is: "I have to stay home from school today because I'm sick, Mommy."

Well, no, I explained. Plain old coughs don't qualify for sick days. Not according to the school nurse and not according to my rules. If that were the case, my kids would never go to school and preschool!

It's funny how you lower your standards for how sick your child has to be to stay home the older they get. Nataly Kogan of says when her daughter started pre-school, two years ago, her bar was really high — a runny nose would be reason enough to keep her home. Today it's if she has a fever or is just generally miserable.


Come to think of it, now that my son and toddler is older, that's the criteria in our house, too. I don't expect them to get it now, but someday I hope they'll understand that it's way better to tough it out and let Mommy and Daddy save their time off for a real vacation day, when the entire family can be together and do something fun!


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